The Erasmus Foundation Healing Clinic

Absent Healing

We offer Absent or Distance Healing for those who are not able to travel to our healing clinic.
Please contact us with the name of the patient, their medical problem and the town or village where they live.
Thought is the strongest force in the Universe and so each healer has a book where names are entered and we use our minds to send out healing thoughts and ask for the person to be helped.

Contact Julia Griffin or Hedley Griffin on 01986 798682

Should anyone be in need of Help, Comfort or Advice, the Erasmus Foundation may be contacted during office hours (09.00-17.30) or in an emergency at any time.

The importance of touch

When it is not possible to attend the Erasmus Foundation Healing Clinic, absent healing is the best alternative. However, we believe that the human touch is very important in our world and says so much in its communication. People need the warmth of another's hand and it should be recognised in a wholesome and healthy World that the human touch is significant in its meaning, its application and maintaining people's wellbeing.