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We need your vote to secure vital funding

"Animated Film to Support Mental Health & Wellbeing"
Working with local school children.

The "Tale of a Shrew" is a story about a shrew who is invited to learn meditation as a way of reducing his stress running around the field where he lives. The shrew discovers the treasures locked away within his mind that transforms his life.

The funding will be used to make the story into an animated film with artwork supplied from three local schools. Additionally, the funds will be used to support the work of the Erasmus Foundation charity, especially the healing at our clinic which is always given free of charge. Hedley Griffin, a trustee of the Foundation, has spent over thirty years as an animation director for BBC and Channel 4 Schools Television, and will be running the workshops and introducing meditation into the schools. See Hedley Griffin Films
The finished film will be made available to all primary schools nationwide.

Mrs. Marie-France Boyer, a trustee of The Erasmus Foundation says "The mental health and wellbeing of young people is a growing concern and we believe that meditation is one way that can help."

Please vote for our application for funding with the Aviva Community Fund to enable us to fulfil this project by submitting your vote before 21st November 2017.
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