Erasmus of Rotterdam

Erasmus Biography Question

This reply was written in response to a request for further information.

When Lady Paddina Cole, the co-founder of The Erasmus Foundation, was alive she was given the rare gift of deep trance mediumship. This meant that she was able to leave her body as a spirit and allow another to take over for a time, giving many lectures and talks on various subjects about spiritual development. These subjects included an understanding of the structure of man, man’s purpose, where we go after death, where we come from, why we are here, a great deal about the past and a little about the future. Paddina’s main tutorial guide, who spoke the most, was the spirit who had once been Desiderius Erasmus on the Earth. People had asked at times about his life and, as a spirit would, acting in graciousness, he would always respond, but would then move on to the more serious subject of his talk. We have some of the answers to your questions as we are able to maintain a clairaudient contact with spirit, although there is no-one within our Foundation who is a deep-trance channel as Paddina was. However, we could offer you many answers to a lot more important information should you be interested.