From the Book of Wisdom and The Law

The following is from the Book of Wisdom and The Law which has come to us from the more than ancient Mogada Law. They are a record of what was, what is and what will be; have been added to cover the centuries. The last addition was made in the Earth year 1125. It says this within the entry to the Book of Wisdom:

“There are those who by right may gaze within it and there are others without right who, should they gaze, would see nought, because only those with truth running within their veins as with their blood, and to whom falsehood would be as a death, have the eyes to understand.”

Some of the words which you read may seem a little strange but they are written in the old tongue which does not always come well within our language. In several places I will give the words of the old tongue as well as a translation.
This be the Wisdom:

“Bend close to the Earth, my brethren, and reach into the heights, my sons and daughters, and hear this. You have knowledge that the Great Lord slept to scour the wounds of battle from his body and within that sleep gave up all claim to having a human body. It is decreed that Mind, being the most sacred part of Man, the Lord would be Mind and Mind only and that gives the Great Mind, and these are his words.”

Many times over rolling mists and the billowings of the Earth has that Earth howled to me of desecration and death of this very soil and I have not punished those who 'ghorka mulah'(mutilated) but have eased the pain of the Earth that it might again be fair for Man. Behold, there are wars made by Man and fools. They all have names and you know them, and now in this year of “Fulata Bora Munthor” (1990), again comes the heavy foot of evil to walk upon my land. It will be that you will call upon your God, that you will demand of your God, that you will order your God and all of this be to say:
“Take this from our land. What have we done that this should come to pass?”
I give you my answer upon Bundora, the wind, and I say to you, my children, that what you have done is nothing and nothing over all the mists of space is indeed a tragedy. You have lied and cheated each to the other, you have stolen from each other, you have betrayed each other, you have thrown crimes upon the back of each other, you have tortured your very souls and, foolish ones, you have thought that this gave you added stature, made you look proud and prideful and you then demanded of Man that they should gaze upon you and applaud. Sometimes, even those of your brethren, who are in this our land, grow weary but without complaint they attend upon you in graciousness; they offer you their concern but, oh foolish ones, your ears are sealed and in their tiredness they turn to “Untopora Crystala Lordum” (The Lord of the Crystal) and say, "help us that we may help thy children."

This time it is not to the Great and glorious nor they who ride hard above the height of others that I look for my land to be reclaimed, not so. I have sent to you many Apordura Ashento over the tides and you have reviled them. I have sent you Messengers without number and you have destroyed them and now I say:
“Small people of the Earth, now the task is yours.”
If you cannot turn your face unto each other with open countenance and truth then go and hide in whatever dim mists you may find but if you can turn with open countenance and truth then speak you each to the other and let the other be black or yellow or brown or whatever colours that are upon the Earth, and let the others have whatsoever Gods they seek, for there is but one God who has many faces, and joining altogether in a chorus of joy and concern say this:
“Let no Man seek to put his foot about us and crush us from the Earth for this Earth is ours and we defend it for the Lord who cannot be with us.”

It is not much to ask that in each day you give a “deposita” (minute) of your time to have joy in your Home which awaits and tend to bring joy to the home you are within but also, my children, beware, that if you cannot find it within yourselves to do this small token, great winds will again roar across your land, the tides will flail at your shores and then it will be time to declare that you have lost. Let not this day come upon you for fear that Crystala shall weep.”

Sequat deo Laudum
(It is the Law)