Yellow poppies

The meaning of having concern

I have concern for all the people I love and I have concern for those I do not love - for what is there within me that I cannot give them this.

I have concern for peoples I do not know - for is it that among them there are those that I might help and yet I am not aware of them.

I have concern "Almaysha", for those who are close to me - for I wish for them much good and much spiritual avowal.

I have concern for those who care not for me "Almaysha" - for is it not sad that this should ride upon the winds that cover our earth.

I have concern for places, for countries, for times and I have concern for The One that Must Not be Named - for it is sad that there are those who do not wish to name him.

I have concern that there are peoples who know not of The Great Mind - for is it not that there are not enough voices to reach out to them to give them awareness of him and those things which he brings.

I have concern for the peoples within the Erasmus Foundation, that they may be all things that they would wish to be, and that these things which they wish to be, will be the things which The Great Mind wishes them to be.

I have concern for the peoples who abide within The Erasmus Foundation, that they make themselves well understood so that no man may misunderstand them and so tarnish the colourings and the luminosity that should be attendant upon this Fellowship.

I have concern that there might come a day when to peoples who stand within the Foundation, because it was so ordained to me, I would have to say "be gone" which would be sad - and it would be sad because the only thing above the Foundation which is meaningful is The One Who Must Not Be Named, and the attendant part upon The One Who Must Not Be Named is this the Erasmus Foundation; and it would be sad if, because of hurt to be done to this, one had to hurt, but if this is ordained then "Almaysha", it would be done - for as good must come to this world and all the peoples who walk upon it, who breathe upon it, who visit it and who return from it - nought, even in the giving of my breath, will tarnish its luminosity.

Lady Paddina Cole (1915-2003)