The following is a transcription of a discussion with spirit about the present coronavirus pandemic.

18th March 2020.

So, let me start with a few basic, simple facts. The virus is here, it has always been here, like all viruses, like flu, AIDS, all viruses, they are here in abundance everywhere, even in your water. What has happened, and happens in these circumstances, is that the environment, if it is polluted, abused, exploited in a harmful, unhealthy manner this will enhance the benefits for such viruses to exploit and propagate into great numbers.

The consequence of this is that Man, generally speaking, has sufficient immunity in a healthy body to maintain resilience against such viruses in the normal way in a healthy planet. Your bodies maintain a healthy balance and are not susceptible to these viruses until – and it is part of the Natural Law - there is a weakness in any creature, including Man; where there is a vulnerability then viruses, bacteria, any pathogen will take advantage of this, will exploit it causing illness and sometimes death. Given that the environment has been made unhealthy, much coronavirus has found the opportunity to enjoy wondrous warmth and pollution to expand and propagate. It has grown in great strength and when you have an accumulation of strong virus content such as this, then people and all creatures, animal, birds and all creatures, their normal healthy immune system cannot manage such an onslaught in such numbers and strength.

The consequence of this is that then a person is diseased. Now, once this happens, again, the virus has the perfect environment to grow and to make use of its host which then enables it, through the activities of Man, to transport from one person to another, and over a period of time you then have an epidemic or, in this case, a pandemic. So, the virus is everywhere. How can you prevent, with good measures, any further contamination and prevent people from being ill? Well, in one sense, you cannot because it is everywhere; what is necessary is to ensure that your environment does not allow the virus to propagate. That is the first thing. So, all that is required, very simply, is to maintain cleanliness, in a balanced clean state, of your equipment, your home, of your facilities, they just need to be kept clean and, of course, the other precaution is to ensure that anyone who is diseased with this, where they are carrying an accumulation of the virus in great strength and they have the means then to pass it to others, they should therefore be isolated and not mix with other people. Further to this, any reasonably healthy people should maintain a good, balanced, healthy diet to maintain their own balanced healthy body with a good immune system to cater for this situation which should be enough if simple precautions are maintained.

Now, I have said, and it may very well be argued, as it has been, that your media has over-reacted with this, causing a great deal of fear and anxiety amongst people which then has put pressure on the Government and authorities to limit activities of business, schools, education, sports, things of this nature, which is a little exaggerated. To prove the point, I have said, logically speaking, if your flu viruses have been responsible for destroying much larger numbers of people up until this time, then why have the authorities and Governments not closed schools, sports arenas, shopping malls before? That is logical is it not? So, suddenly a very small percentage of those who have caught this disease and have returned Home as a consequence, are now seen as an example to all peoples of an Armageddon which has been exaggerated. As I say, your world is over-reacting and is causing damage and great fear amongst people, which is very sad, and I have said that your world needs to adopt more acceptance than it is, and causing this fear is only making that situation much worse.

I have said, when this has been asked, "That this virus is to stay". Of course, it has always been here, it is not going away, it is simply Man who has caused this and Man is reaping the consequences of his behaviour in this world, which is unbalanced and unhealthy, polluting and causing unwholesome dirt in his world. Of course then there must be consequences because of this, and this is an illustration to show Man what happens when he goes against the Natural Law. This is simply the Natural Law demonstrating Man's imbalance and insane behaviour. That is all. It is not a punishment, anything of that nature, it is simply the consequences of one action causing another to happen.

It is there with everyone, but most people if they maintain a clean environment for themselves, and where they live and work, then it is not going to propagate in large numbers. You see, it has been shown how some people have got this disease and it is not known how they obtained this, they have not met anybody carrying the disease but it has happened because it is there, and given an opportunity, with the right conditions, it will propagate, as simple as that. So, your biggest defence is to ensure that your environment remains clean and healthy; in other words, somewhere in which the virus can exist only in small, small unthreatening amounts.

Q. Somebody asked if this was part of the general collapse we have spoken about.

A. This is a part of it. There is to be more.

What is the point of all people running into their homes, closing the door and not seeing anybody? This is not how life is meant to be, and this in itself is not a healthy thing to do. People need to mix. Another very simple fact, part of the Natural Law, one tiny fact of life, is that very early, children, babies, people build their immunity by mixing with others. You might attain a cold from another person, not to be wished for, of course, but in doing this you are building up your own immunity. So, there is to be activity amongst creatures and people to maintain a strong healthy body, and above all, this is maintained by a healthy diet, and air and water.