The Pandemic of the Coronavirus – 11th September 2020

The Pandemic of the coronavirus is upon this World to stay. It has always been here but, as has been stated before, Man's behaviour and attitude towards his planet and the Natural Law has been the sole cause of this disease erupting across your Earth. Mankind must come to realisation of his responsibility and the consequences of his actions. When is he going to learn? Disease is here, it is going to cause great devastation across your Earth, not only in the loss of human life but it is also going to undermine the financial structure of nations, which in itself is not a bad thing.

This was tapestried to be and this is how the Great Mind has allowed the consequences of Man's behaviour to give example of how, if he challenges the Natural Law, the Natural Law will always win. Man is to lose, but in this loss he will gain much in knowledge and wisdom to take him forward into the future where nature will be listened to, where Man will hear the words of his God and make all effort to comply with the Law of the Great Mind to enrich and make a wondrous beauty of the planet he has been given custody of and responsibility for.

This is Spirit's response to the concern of people of the Earth.