Meditation within the mind

Deep Meditation by Inspection

Let me consider what I am.  Within this human bondage (body), I hear, I see, I speak, I feel, I move.  I AM NOT THIS BODY - when I accept this I become aware of silence entering within me.

I focus thought upon myself and begin to feel a floating sensation.  I am aware of my body still sitting. I AM SOUL.  I am a seed of life giving forth light.  I become without weight.  I AM ETERNAL.

I now direct my awareness deep within myself; I now see my original qualities: deep within my mind I meet the real SELF.  I seek to return to Peace, Purity and Quiet.

Let me bring the awareness of GOD within my being.  I see a powerful shaft of light.  I AM PART OF THAT LIGHT.  I search for the source of this beauty and as I go I feel Amita so warm and comforting.  I who am seed become part of the Giver of this life.

Let me now wander through this gentle sound.  I bathe in a sea of pure light.  I float in its deep essence. Peace from whence I came is mine again.

My eyes are wet with tears of ecstasy.  The FATHER is blessing His child.  I am one with my eternal FATHER and MOTHER.

Now I see all others: my brothers and sisters.  Let me offer to them some of the wonder and beauty of this moment.  I am a child again, untouched by evil.  It cannot harm me for I see it not.  Purity cleanses the earth dust from my physical self.  I ENTER WITHIN THE GLOW OF THE SERENE PURITY OF MY GOD.

Many of my lives pass before me yet still I am held by joy which has no bounds.  I must have Amita for myself by which means I thank GOD for His purposes seeded in me; then must I also have Amita for others still held within the prison of material chains.  Let me send forth to all a shaft of light that all the world may vibrate as ONE again and we, once again, stand in the knowledge of our original qualities.

Being refreshed, I return to have endeavour to complete my allotted tasks until I once again stand within the PEACE OF MY ETERNAL HOME.

“The Erasmus Foundation Guide to Meditation”

The Erasmus Foundation Guide to Meditation

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