Rhodedendron flowers

The Earth Speaks

Can you not see through the scales on your eyes?
Through the wax in your ears, can't you hear?
That over seasons so long
She's grown weak; no, not strong
And the end of her life appears near.

She has tried to make good all the wrongs that are done
She's toiled; she's endeavoured; she's tried
But it all seems in vain
And her heart echoes pain
“I cannot last long” she has cried.

“My core is in pain as I deal with the strain
of the havoc man wreaks in his greed.
The pollution is global
Across the land once so noble
There's nothing on which I can feed

But I could still live, if man could just give
His concern and his courage as feed
We could go on together
We could go on forever
Men of Earth, for my life, now I plead.

Yet there is One heard my call who awakens you all
And tis to them that now I would say;
I have begged for my life
But I offer my life
If the Law says it must be that way.”