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God, Spirit, and Reincarnation

Reading through our magazines, newspapers etc. we are bombarded these days by different forms of dietary conditioning, all in an endeavour to keep the bodies of the nation healthy. A lot of people have become vegetarians and, again, we have plenty of menus showing how vegetarians can still have a varied but healthy diet. All of this for our bodies. But alas, nobody thinks of our minds. It is not generally considered that we need to do anything for our minds, indeed, some people consider that when we talk of the mind we are in fact talking of our brain but I do not accept this fairly generalised viewpoint.

To me my mind is a part of my innermost self, if you like my spiritual centre, and being a firm believer in reincarnation, I feel that within my mind lie the seeds of all my previous lives, holding all past experiences, all lessons learnt and, hopefully, some of the wisdom surely I must have gathered along the way. In deep meditation I find that I can tap into this source and it is a wonderful experience, for in getting near to the innermost core of your being you are no longer weighed down by earthly weight, you become light and free, the mind open to travel where it will, an experience which is truly humbling, for in it we come to find that whatever we may think of ourselves as humanoids, we are indeed but little within the might and immensity of the Universe and cosmos.

I offer this to you, some of the pieces given spiritually and some which I have gathered from within myself, in the hope that they will make you feel that it is possibly to seek for our spiritual self which when aligned with the physical self can bring us into balance. Balance in all things so badly needed within our Earth. Surely it matters not which religious banner we stand under, which church we go to to make our devotions, which God we pray to, for at the end of time there is but one God. We are a part of him and he is a part of us and if God accepts us as his children, the one we call the Great Mind of the Universe, can their really be ought better.

Stand on a still night and look up at the sky, the immensity of space, the stars like little windows in the ceiling of eternity and know that whether there be sun or rain, storm or calm, the wings of the Great Mind lay over all and, for me, it is enough that I may shelter there.

Lady Paddina Cole (1915-2003)