The Erasmus Foundation Herb Garden

The Peaceful Herb Garden for Medicinal and Cuisine use

Painting of the original concept for the planning of the Herb Garden
The original painting of the herb garden was inspired to create an ambitious project by providing a place of beauty and tranquility for visitors to sit in the colourful surroundings and enjoy the smells and delights of the raised beds and the herbs within. The herbs are also well used medically and in the Foundation kitchen as a useful and purposeful addition to the charity activities to be enjoyed by all.

There is a growing need and demand for natural remedies and natural, nutritious foods in our society that complements the work of orthodox medical practice. The herb garden will fulfil this need, and complement the work of The Erasmus Foundation Healing Clinic.

the herb garden Pond in the herb gardenThe local community, hospices, NHS departments and school groups will have the opportunity to learn about herbs and how they can be used to assist their health and wellbeing, whilst enjoying the peace and tranquility of the environment that has been built. We believe that supporting the public in this way will also help an overstretched NHS at this stressful time, and is a valuable and important addition to assist in everyone's healthy state of mind and well being.

Pathway in the herb gardenThe herb gardenWe welcome any visitors, whatever their beliefs, religions, colour or creed, to help with any of the work required to maintain the charity, particularly working in The Peace Gardens. Once the Herb Garden project is completed, local schools, hospices and community groups will be invited to visit the gardens to benefit from the peace and tranquility or learn about the use of herbs.

herb garden path Information plaques will be placed in each raised herb bed to educate visitors, with special focus on the benefits and use for medicine and culinary purposes. As part of our teaching programme we give seminars and workshops to introduce the medicinal and culinary use of herbs and wild plants in the kitchen that have been used in the past but are no longer widely recognised today.

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Path in the herb garden

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