The Crystal over crystal water

Extract from THE LAW

Let therefore it be known that all things are under the government of one. This be right. For if one governs who knows all things, sees all things and does all things, then can there be no error, but wait, for this is not just one, this is many who stand upon the land within the forms of many, this one who governs is not greedy, he gives of himself and to all people and shares his innermost self with all.

He governs the winds and the tides and all of destiny. So shall Man come to realise his destiny, placing his hand in the hand of the one who governs, to be led. Mighty Men of earth look to your stature and if you be as tall as the least of this one's creatures then have joy in it for indeed you have found stature.

Remember this, the winds are governed by the one, the tides and all the elements, and when it is wrong the hand will stretch forth and the winds will be raised; the tempests will come, thoughts will be put to the minds of Man for him to hear and, remember also, this time is not destruction and over all the seasons and all the times it will happen full many times. Yea there will be destruction and in great measure, but hear this and hear it well, the one who governs is just and righteous and you are warned.

Listen then to his warning, lift up your minds and listen. Who are ye so small, who are ye so without righteousness, who are ye who would debarr the one who has made you. Then I tell you this, listen and listen well and do what the wind will bid you, for in truth, it is The Law.