A Prayer for Meditating

Take, if you wish, as a visual aid a leaf, an ordinary plain leaf, plucked from a tree.  Consider the perfection within this tiny piece of nature, each vein in perfect balance, so much beauty, perfect design.

Consider ourselves, how spiritually we are designed by the Great Mind to be almost perfect; to be in tune with all nature and all living things, our God.  Let us enter the silence of our very being, searching for the truth of self, the knowledge of self and, above all, the understanding of self.

Lord, listen to the cry of this your seeded spirit, let me accept my imperfections, not deny them; accept my weaknesses and proclaim them as my strengths, seek the truth to use as a weapon, not say it is already mine; to deny those who would flatter me for their own gain; to search for those whose words are not honeyed, yet give truth.

We may hear the centre of our seeded light.  We are held as a child seeking solace; we have been lifed beyond time to a dimension where we are nothing but in which our being is cleansed by those who have concern.  In our contemplation the chains of earth may drop away and we are free.  You may float in a sea of peace and purity.  You will feel energy flowing through and around you. You may be nothing yet we are all things, a part of all being and all time, and God is within us so must we be in Him and know that we are eternal.

Lord let this strength and understanding remain with us so that we may walk our path in unity with all others, knowing their needs as you know ours; may we help in some small way to assist those who are not yet so fortunate to reach toward and enter the door to self awareness, knowing in truth this is the one way to self realisation.

Oh blessed peace abide in our hearts for all times.

“The Erasmus Foundation Guide to Meditation”

The Erasmus Foundation Guide to Meditation

A good guide to medtation practice with many meaningful visualisations.

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