Our New Meetings Rooms

Our New Meeting Rooms Fundraising Appeal

Now that our new Healing Clinic is built and well established, offering free spiritual healing at any time, we are preparing to replace our existing meeting rooms with a new building specially designed for the purpose of teaching spiritual knowledge and providing meditation classes as we have been doing for many, many years, helping people to develop spiritually and come to a better understanding of themselves and the World we all share.

The meeting rooms are used extensively for spiritual development classes, tutored by our spiritual guides, and meditation classes. The new building will accommodate at least 100 people and include a library, and large restaurant area to cater for those attending our seminars and workshops.

The total cost of this whole project is expected to be approximately £2,100,000. The first stage is to build a new barn to cater for all the present storage of materials under the existing meeting rooms structure as well as a small building where meetings will continue to take place while the old meeting rooms are demolished. The cost of this initial stage of the of the development is to be £275,000.

We are particularly grateful to Pro Help who introduced us to Nick Loomes at Plaice Design Co Ltd, Architects, Martin Liddell (Structural Engineer) at MLM Group, and Stuart Coy (Quantity Surveyor) at Playle and Partners who have been very generous in providing the drawings and plans to enable us to gain planning permission and bring this project to this initial stage at present.

Temporary Reading Room

Reading Rooms

New Storage Barn

New Barn construction

New Meetings Rooms

New Meeting Rooms and plan