The Owl and the Field Mouse

The Owl and the Field Mouse

The Erasmus Foundation has succeeded in being awarded funds by the National Lottery Awards to hold a number of animation film workshops with children/young people/adults at 4YP and Pastel at The Fromus Centre, Saxmundham, and also to hold a number of meditation classes with the option to film anyone who is interested to speak about their experience of the meditation. Hedley Griffin , an Erasmus Foundation trustee, has worked in the animation field for 40 years, working with the BBC and Channel 4 Schools Television, and will be running the workshops.

The benefits of the project are:

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What is Meditation?

Benefits of Meditation:

Putting Meditation into practise:

Sitting comfortably, arms and legs uncrossed, take a deep breath and slowly release this breath without pause so that your breathing forms a large circle. Continue to do this, and with each breath the circle can be smaller as you slowly sink within yourself, to the solar plexus where your innermost self resides. This is your id, the core of your Spirit and a part of the Great Mind. The peace and light from your id is now drawn up through your body, out from the top of your head and then slowly brought down in front of your body, round your feet and up the back so that you are completely enclosed in an egg of bright light.

The Round Breath


Colour For the benefits of anger management one good exercise is to draw a light of bright scarlet around yourself so that you are cocooned in an egg of this bright red light. Following this, draw around you the colour green, tinged with silver, the colour of peace, and then, finally, the colour blue of meditation.