The future herb garden shed

Places to stay around Laxfield

Local Bed and Breakfast

The Villa Stables, LaxfieldThe Villa Stables
Self-catering with 2 units £230-£495 per week sleeps 2-4
Jane and John Reeve
High Street,
IP13 8DU
tel: 01986 798019
fax: 01986 798155

The Kings Head, LaxfieldThe Kings Head (The Low House).
Bob and Linda
Gorams Mill Lane,
IP13 8DW
tel: 01986 798395

Laxfield Lodges, LaxfieldLaxfield Lodges.
Burnt House
Framlingham Road,
IP13 8HE
tel: 01986 798766

The Angel Hotel, HalesworthThe Angel Hotel
IP19 8AH
tel:01986 873365
fax:01986 874891

Colston hallColston Cottages
Liz and John Bellefontaine
Colston Hall
Nr. Framlingham
IP13 8LB
tel:01728 638375
fax:01728 638084

The Villa Stables interior The Kings Head The Angel Hotel, Halesworth The Angel Hotel bar Colston Hall