oak tree in morning sun

Rahiti's Prayer

MIGHTY RA, I have stood upon the Tower and seen those things mirrored by You from ages past. Behold the mighty seas thunder and roar at the foot of our encircling walls and it is so that we perceive Your anger; our cauldron of fire and beauty roars and would devour our very being.

In times past we have stood and gazed upon the mighty seas and they have given us peace and understanding of the great power contained within their movement; we have known that warmth from the great cauldron and we have basked in the healing rays.

NOW ALL IS CHANGED and beauty and peace must be destroyed so that the land may be purified.

MY LORD.  You have seeded and lifed the hand that will destroy your servant.   I give thanks that I am honoured that my blood is to lay upon the soil of this once gracious, peaceful and pleasured land.  One last favour is craved by Your servant:

Since my assassin is honoured by your choice then let not his Aurata be blemished in times to come and allow that he always stands well within Your sight; and allow that my blood will be used within the soil to nourish the seeds that one day will bring this land to life again.  Allow that in some future season Your servant may stand again upon the Tower and behold Your majesty shown in the wonders that once were ours.

Your servant grows cold, RA ... the face of my chosen slayer becomes dim ... honour him for he has done well his work ... HORA ... HORA