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The Reality of Reincarnation

Does one believe in reincarnation? Is it something that is important we should think about, or is it just something that belongs to an age of mystical and religious thought? I would say it is important because reincarnation really expresses entirely the purpose of living on the Earth and gives a purpose and a meaning to life itself.

Reincarnation expressly delivers the meaning of life by explaining that spiritual beings come to the Earth many, many times because it was thought originally by the Great Mind that there should be a University of Life where Spirits could experience all that is contained within a physical life within the world, to have an understanding of pain, the flaws within Man, such as jealousy and greed, where he could also go through the trials and the tests of life in order to progress himself spiritually and evolve through the age of Spirit.

It is required by the Great Mind that all Spirits be all, see all, and do all by the experiences to be met by lives within the Earth before reaching a stage of evolvement whereby it is no longer required that a Spirit should come to the Earth for their evolvement. They have won their spurs, have by then perhaps achieved the mantle of Ashento, that of being an Ancient Spirit, who through the wisdom of so many millions of years has evolved and no longer is required to return to the Earth to learn all that they have gained. Therefore, it also means that Spirits have to have had lives in darkness, or at least touched evil, to have a full understanding and appreciation of what evil really is, its aims and designs. As a consequence of all this, because the lives are designed by the Great Mind as a Tapestry, to be chosen from several that are revealed to the Spirit, they would then choose one Tapestry to live that life on the Earth which, for their spiritual development, they might have to then accept a life in darkness. However, on returning Home after a life there is no punishment, ever. How could it be so if the Great Mind has designed the Spirit's Tapestry for that life to be lived, for those experiences to be won, even if it means the person has led a life of evil? They have learnt by it, they have come to an understanding and in time they will evolve into a wondrous Spirit with all the knowledge and wisdom they have gained over time. The Law of Karma is not acceptable and does not exist in Spirit. This Law that condemns anyone for doing wrong, that they must be punished in living through bad experiences in the next life they choose to have on the Earth, has no meaning to Spirit. There is no punishment in Spirit.