Map of Atlantis by Athanasius Kircher, Amsterdam 1665.

Revision of the Educational System

Our vision of the future world of education for very young children is based on a teaching system that was introduced in Atlantis a long time ago and proved to be successful in rearing children in a balanced and dignified manner to learn that honour, above all things, was something one needed to aim for and to work to.

Very simply, children were not taught academic subjects until they reached the age of between 8 and 10, when they were then wise enough and mature enough to then choose the academic subjects they most wanted to learn and they would apply themselves to find the most suitable tutor for their needs.

These young children in the beginning of their education were taught basic values of a spiritual nature, helping them to understand themselves, most important, thereby helping them to understand others and in doing so would learn the importance of good communication, respect and graciousness at all times, the value of truth and falsehood, the meaning of the Natural Law, the purpose of life and much, much more.

These children matured in a very well balanced fashion, were peaceful, attentive, and willing to learn. They understood themselves so well they were able to know when a person was foolish enough to offer falsehood, and they knew through sensing people's vibrations if there was anything untoward psychologically or healthwise. They appreciated and learnt a great deal about nature, about the natural resources they had for food and the energies that were used at that time. They were also taught about other people living abroad, a little of their culture and the history of their world, not academically but simply told in a way that inspired their interest and their desire to learn more. Above all, the priesthood who taught them were patient and in no wise caused them any fear or stress that children are prone to today with the ever present threats of examinations and pressure of work, a residue from the intensity of results insisted upon by the educational authority system.

Children of Atlantis were not forced to learn or denied the freedom of choice but they were inspired by the generous persuasions offered to them in a way that allowed them to absorb knowledge in a natural way any child would welcome.

It is expected, as the world matures and evolves into the next civilisation, the 6th, that children will be given the opportunity to learn these values in a kindly manner, to enable them to mature as better balanced people.