dolmen stones in winter sun

What is a spiritual Man?

From the Book of the Law

The question was asked by Gordon.

Almaysha speaks:

In the beginning a spiritual man is one who accepts and acknowledges that within the physical self there abides a spirit.

The physical self will be heavy with the weight of the infirmities of the Earth.

A spiritual man will seek to erase these infirmities so that his being may become in all ways a reflection of his God.

A spiritual man thinks not of himself, but of others. He acknowledges that it is necessary to give, without stint, in the service of his God. To give even when giving is not demanded. To give until he is drained of all reserves. To give until his very fibres are weakened and yet to glory in the giving. To give until his very sinews ache, and the hurt of his giving is almost beyond endurance and yet to know that in giving he has reached the core of his spirit.

A spiritual man is one who knowing in clarity the price he must pay yet has glory in the paying of the price.

A dedicated man is a man who does all this and more and counts not the cost, for him there is no cost. He has proved to his Lord that he is at one with The One.