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“Teachings from the Ancients — New Horizons”
ISBN 978-0-954-9067-0-2

Teachings from the Ancients The first of a new series of publications by Paddina Cole, edited by Gordon Cole, providing a number of transcriptions from lectures given by spirit through Paddina including some lectures given by herself.

“It was in the early 1970s that Spirit first used Paddina as a deep-trance medium. Since then, her main spiritual guide, the one who in life was the Dutch humanist, Desiderius Erasmus, has given hundreds of deeply profound lectures, describing life at Home within Spirit, and the difficulties mankind confronts on Earth today, as well as predictions for the future. This collection of lectures, addressed by Erasmus and others, provides an enormous wealth of knowledge, giving us the opportunity to come to a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.”


Priced £13.99 plus postage and packing in the UK.

“Diet for your Mind”
ISBN 978-0-954-9067-1-9

Diet for your Mind A booklet containing many words of wisdom and extracts from the Books of the Law related to us from Spirit. This book is full of sound advice, knowledge and enlightenment.
A comprehensive read for anyone searching for a good mind, body and soul book.
“Whilst Man cannot see falsehood, it is
because he is afraid of truth;
Where Man cannot accept truth, it is
because he is afraid of falsehood;
Wherein we get the balance; and Man must
learn to stand and take and give to bring
the two to meaning and reason;
In all Men there is falsehood and in all Men
there is truth and in all Men is there courage;
So they must have the courage to take and
accept truth and they must then give away
falsehood so bringing everything into order
because it is The Law.”


Priced: £4.99 plus postage and packing in the UK.

“The Eyes of Karras and Other Stories”
ISBN 978-0-9549067-33

The Eyes of Karras and Other Stories This collection of illustrated short moral stories for children could also be of value to adults, providing the reader with an opportunity to come to a better understanding of themselves and the world we all live in.


Price: £8 plus postage and packing in the UK.

“Reflections on Life”

Reflections on Life A collection of essays and observations from Paddina Cole giving a very accurate analysis of our world and mankind. There is a particularly interesting and beautiful transcription from a lecture given by the spirit, Almaysha. This mind, body and spirit booklet is a wealth of information and a colourful collection of studies.

“Almaysha, an Ancient, Lord of many teachings sat in the garden of Satitatarus with his class of young and untried Spirits and called to those about to embark on a life away from their spiritual home.
Kartumus stepped forth and said 'Master how old is life?'
Almaysha paused and replied. 'Life is more ancient than any living thing; even as beauty was, before beautiful was born; and truth was truth before it was spoken; Life is joy within our silence and dreams within our sleep. Although we may be beaten low life is high and in our weeping life smiles upon the day and even when we are held in chains life is free.'”


Price: £4 postage and packing in the UK.

“The Human Spirit”

The Human SpiritA transcription of a lecture given by Paddina Cole discussing the meaning of life.
Packed with very informative wisdom and insight into the structure of mankind.
“Many years ago, back in the mists of antiquity, way back into time of which even the old historians know nothing, God, out there in the world of space, power and beauty, picked a seed from the Pool of Life and that seed was you.”


Price: £4 plus postage and packing in the UK.

“Meditation Using Colour”

Meditation Using Colour Please note that this booklet also appears as a chapter within “New Horizons”.
This meditation booklet is an essential reference for those who are serious in their endeavours to meditate for its profound benefit. It is a useful insight into the methods and techniques used in spiritual meditation.

“Let us take a lavender colour and let us sail forth on it and let us sail into the twilight of my home. And let us go far, let us go to Multilaria, and let us enter, from the tall arch door on the left wall. Let us enter now and walk, projecting this lavender colour everywhere we go, encircling the spirits in it, cooling, laughing being joyous like small children who are released from their scholarly activities.”


Price: £2 plus postage and packing in the UK.


ReincarnationPlease note that this booklet also appears as a chapter within “New Horizons”
A booklet written by Paddina Cole with many strong arguments for the existence of reincarnation.
A must for anyone researching this subject.

“The answer given by reincarnation is that we get our physical bodies from our parents, we, as reincarnating egos, ids, whatever word you choose, bring with us our mental and moral characteristics. Combined with any human being is an intimate blend of the physical qualities derived from its parents and the non-physical qualities resulting from its own past experiences.”


Priced £4 plus postage and packing in the UK.

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