Statue in amongst rocks in the gardens called Maralamar

A Poem from Paddina

I stand upon this rock
and gaze around me near and by.
I stand upon this rugged rock
and murmer why? why? why?
I stand upon this rock because
one day a tale was told.
How I would bring great happiness
and peace unto my fold.
'twas truly a very joyous day
it was so gay and bright.
And all around the land was bathed
in wondrous golden light.
My people walked into the light
for me 'twas not to be.
the rightness of it at the time
alas. I could not see.
My anguished soul cried out aloud
I gazed upon the fading crowd.
But He was right it was His will
He is my lord and master still.
The skies grew dark the air was still
and far, so far away, upon a hill.
A shaft hit ground a wondrous sight
and once again my rock hath light.
The dreary scene is now aglow
incarnate. forward may I go.
To rise to find the river bank
my fold and goodly friends to thank.
Altho' I stand in humble guise
the mist is lifted from my eyes.
I enter thro' the open gate no tears no sighs
I rise and lift my soul unto the very skies.
I see it all My lord how very clear
within me rises up a monstrous fear.
That I should slip my feet might slide
ere I may stand beside my heavenly guide.
My feet so torn with rough and jagged ways
my feet are healed Jervah accept my praise.
A promise has been given hold it dear
for one day as ye know ye'll all stand here
tread the path which takes ye thro' the mist
the mist is comforting and warm now list!
the songs ye hear the trumpets blowing sweet
are sent to welcome draw nigh unto his feet.
For now ye stand before the lamb of God
Healer - MessiahJervaheternal rod.
My children ye are home.

Given through Paddina on the 6th April 1974.