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Subjugation of Self

This is indeed one of the hardest lessons which we have to understand very well in life and at Home.

Even we, when we return to our Home here, have got to subjugate. Subjugate ourselves to the requirements of others and to the desires, requests and directives which come from our God. To us it is a great joy to be in this state, for it means that we progress and make our way towards full evolvement and thereby to a further progression of our lives.

Upon the earth, subjugation is a most difficult thing to bring in to practice; so many things to distract, so many thing which are more material which can be seen, which one may grasp in the hand, which one may have to admire or to adore, to take our minds away from thinking of our minds and their development.

To subjugate completely, one absolves oneself from all thoughts of oneself. A request made should not bring an immediate reaction of "How will this be to affect me?" "What am I to do which I am pleasured in that I may not now do because of the thing I am about to do for someone else?" "I am to give up time which I could use in a way that pleasured me; I could perform a task when I could be doing something for myself." "I could be speaking to somebody very intensely to help them with a problem when I could be sitting and planning my own life or my own pleasures."

Why is subjugation so hard? What is so difficult about it? Is it that we are afraid that if we walk in this way, always thinking of other people and their requirements, that people will lift a hand and point at us, will scoff at us as being something very strange and unreal? Is it that they will accuse us of being religious or being converted to a religion, or of trying to follow the trails of those other messengers of other times? Is it that they will find us an object of ridicule and laughter and that we, being earthlings, may not stand against this? Is it that we would like to subjugate but do not have the strength to stand out against others who have no wish for this evolvement?

When scanning, I think it is a little of all of these things. When we are in spirit and Home, there is no hurt in disagreement. Four spirits attend upon a conclave. Three of them are commended for whichever work they have been doing and the fourth one is discommended and told that they have fallen a little short in their standards. Maybe he should have tried harder, he has not done a particular task in the way that it is thought he should have done it. That spirit does not immediately bridle, does not make of it a personal thing, does not make out that the onslaught is only on himself. No, he accepts it. He says "I am sorry that I have erred and strayed wrongly and the next time I will endeavour to do better." "Thank you for having wasted thy time on such a triviality to try to help me and I am most grateful." There would be no unhappiness, no unpleasantness in this at all, only kindness and love and this is what one has to strive for in subjugation.

Why should they say you are becoming religious? Why should they say you are trying to attain this when you subjugate? They are wrong, because what you are doing truly is trying to subjugate thy mind, which is a portion of the energised mind of the Ultimate. You are trying to subjugate it to the design and for usage by thy God and God is not a religion - God is above all religions.

God is not a religion.

Religions are vulnerable upon the earth, for they can be touched even in an uncouth and evil way. They are religions, words and doctrines and dogma, raised by Man, in the name of Man, to give to Man, for the help of Man, and very often they are in such confusion that they are confusing to the very one they would help.

What spoils religion? What spoils religion is non-subjugation. I think it is only true to say that whichever one it be - hebrewic, shinto, protestant, roman catholic - whatever religion you abide by and have, it should be a thing of joy and the principles of it should have been culled from the words of God which are still spake by his servants. By his words and none other.

Religion also is not a gloomy thing. It should be a thing of joy and airiness, a giving of thyself into a return to God. He who counts you and has now given you a faith, seeks to accept back the seed that once he culled.

People very often wonder at my attitude towards the animals of the world and my insistence in this way that animals are precious small people, the voiceless ones, and that they must be seen to and subjugated to before even the humans. These animals are helpless and it is true that some may bite, but this is rare and is mostly done through a fear; in other words they are gentle and loving. They ask for gentling and should receive it. When an animal looks at you and you know that it is cold, without food, without shelter and when it makes thee of an immediacy rise to thy feet and secure for it that which it wants and see that it is made to be right and made to be comfortable - then truly we do the work of God.

The Indians, the red skinned ones, were truly a most spiritual people. They walked and talked and lived in the shadow of their Great White Chief, their great God, they were wondrous good. When they hunted, those that were fortunate enough to have horses to ride upon, when they returned from the hunting, tired and weary, soaked through maybe with the waters of the rain and hungry, more especially if the hunting was not too good, the squaws would come forward with clean blankets to rub down the men to make them to be comfortable. But a red indian would never accept this for himself whilst still his horse was wet. He had to do the horse first before he would break his fast and dry his wet and tired body. That was subjugation. Subjugation to an animal, what one would call a beast. "Not important enough" people would say "it is sick what they do" - it is not. In subjugating thyself to something so much less you really are getting very much on your way.

Man of the earth is by nature selfish - kusovian. The great Kuso left this flaw upon the earth that it should be a trial and a means of testing for the many, many, many millions who would traverse this path in his wake. Man is by nature selfish. Many Men have things of beauty which they accord to be beautiful and which when one looks at them gives one a sense of peace and wonder they are so beauteous. One Man might have these and only let his eyes light upon them because selfishly he cannot even bear to share the beauty of a possession. People at different degrees can have wondrous homes, cushioned and silked and tapestried with wondrous pieces of silver scattered hither and thither, and yet this home is but a shell. No one is asked within its walls. It is not meet you see that they should because they would disarray it, make it to be untidy, even maybe make it to be marked. So they decline, they sit alone in their beauty and it is seen by no other eyes.

One Man may have a belief in his God, such a belief that it fills his very being with ecstasy. He can sit on the coldest day and he can be warm, for he wraps around himself the faith which his God hath given him. Selfish Man - he should share this faith with other people. He should show to them how God lives as he has always lived, that God, never having lived can never die, that God never having been must always be and that time meaneth nothing for it is now. He should share with his fellow Men his faith in his God so that they too may have the wonder and truth of this belief.

So many things point the way to subjugation. The mother who has not too much food gives more than the due portion to the children and does without herself. The sharing of things - sharing is part of subjugation. Sharing things that are beautiful and sharing things even of a very low order that are in thy possession and not in the possession of others. Subjugation is very, very hard to earn and sometimes the spirits await a long time to be emancipated into this state.

How then shall we take our first lesson? What shall we do? How shall we approach it? Alright - the lowest forms first. We are walking out and we see a dog, alone, nobody with it, running about. Perhaps we should have passed it by but we don't. We stop and we look at it and it will turn its eyes upon us and we will see that it is truly lost and looks for someone. We will try to catch it and if we succeed we will take it to the police to ask them to mind it and to try to find for it an owner. "Why bother" they will say "it is only a dog". But you see you have got to bother because what if a man lies upon a street in distress? Are people to walk by and say "Oh it doesn't matter - it is only a man", a man who can open his mouth and ask for that which he wants and ask for help and a dumb creature who cannot. Truly it is the dumb creature who wants the help and we must subjugate.

At Home there are different levels of progression and the first three can be rather difficult to live through since the tests are fairly hard and very many may stray and fall by the wayside. Eventually, a spirit gets to the fourth plane which is known as the 'playground'. Here no demands are made, no requests are made that you should progress, you are left to do it on your own and this is the strange, strange thing. For on the first three planes you are asked to progress, you are invited to progress and in a way you are sometimes forced to progress by circumstances, but never on the fourth one, and very often people on the fourth do in truth progress more than on any other plane.

When one gets to the fifth plane it is very hard, because the Ultimate can see "Ah, they have got to the fifth plane, they have won through this far". Now we must not become complacent, now the tests must fall upon us thick and fast, now we must try to get more done, that we might get to the sixth and having got to the sixth may go to the wondrous seventh.

Subjugation is even practised in the words we use. Somebody offers thee insult and harsh words. It is the way of the world to reject them in a like way, to answer in the same vein - but that would not be right. If insult is afforded to you, you say "Thank you, I am sorry, if you do not want to see me again, if I am not amenable here, allow me to return to thee those things which are thine and we will meet no more." And mayhap, when they see the dignity of this spirit, they will want to see more.

I wonder how many here among the readers of this website are truly subjugated, who truly know what it all means and who can rise in their morning and say "Welcome God to thy new day, in this day will I work for thee in my extremity." I wish I had the eloquence and the words of one of the great orators to make you see how much of a nonsense it is to struggle against the desires of thy God and to feel that they are wrong. Desires of God shown to you in the way of the flesh are very wondrous.

I do not know if the Ultimate cries. I think sometimes small portions of rain can be felt beating upon the face and maybe they are the tears of the Ultimate. But this I know, until the world uses the full force of spirit to save itself, to be compatible, it does not matter that we fail, that we fall down many times and that our faces are beaten in to the ground - all that matters is that we try and try and try and try.

Love, true love, in the spirit sense is a subjugation. True respect is a subjugation. True appreciation is a subjugation, and subjugation is a very necessary thing.

When Erasmus was a young man upon the earth his mother would say "you must read thy primers, how else are you to get to be of any consequence". He oftimes thought "Oh I do want to be of consequence because it is very wondrous". And then he grew to be a young man and he grew to be an old man and on the way he learned the lesson. He did not need to be of consequence in his life, and then he had found himself. I think he could safely say that he subjugated himself to his God at a reasonably early age and he did it in this way. Once, he dreamed a dream that he would have a church. It would not be very wondrous, very lofty. There would not be statues in it crusted with gold and jewels, but it would be sturdy to keep out the elements and it would be peaceful in which to meditate and it would be light in which to see the good readings, and one day he dreamed he had his church. So puffed up he was and proud. So overcome with gratification that this had happened to him, that his name could sit neatly outside and everyone would know this is the church of Erasmus. But it did not come to pass, he never had his church and in losing it he found subjugation, for he had lost nothing, only a dream, and a dream is but a bauble to a child which can be crushed without remembrance.

Do not think that because you subjugate yourselves to the needs of others you make of thyself a lowly person for it is not true. When you subjugate to the needs of others you become a lofty person, you become good to look upon in the eyes of spirit. You become clean and glowing and you become a person that is pleasant to live with.

Subjugation of self. My God how oft I have heard this cry "Would that I could think of others and not so much of myself and it cannot be done by those who cry aloud." But it can be done by those who cry aloud. God does not ask for very much but one thing he does ask for is thy belief in him and thy faith, and if you have a belief then you have taken the first steps, tottery though they may be, towards subjugation.

What a wonderful world this would be if everyone was in subjugation one to the other because then, you see, there would be so much subjugation there would be none, and that is a riddle that I hand you. So much subjugation that there is none and further on in my book I will give you the token of this riddle to show you what it means, that is of course if some of the people who hear these words and read them do not themselves give the answer to the riddle for they see what it is.

Subjugate thyselves to the needs of others, the rich and the lowly, more especially the lowly, to all animals of whatever nature and however hard it is to subjugate to them it will be made easier for thee when it is seen that this is thy requirement. You are never alone in thy desire to attain this. God, being a God of love, will view all our efforts and give us our tokens according to these efforts. We may not know until we return Home how fortunate or unfortunate we have been in our collection of 'nths towards our evolvement. But this we will know, that every small subjugation earns us a pearl of truth and these are the only jewels which are ever apparent when you are Home in spirit - a necklet of pearls of truth. They are hard won and hard held but they are very beautiful.

Try to practise a little inward meditation. To meditate one does not have to sit, one can withdraw one's mind even in a crowd. Practise a little meditation in the day and this will help one to subjugate more easily.

Young men of the world who sometimes say "Oh I will not do that, not for them" that is non-subjugation. But to say "Oh well alright, I will do it, I don't really like it but I will do it" that is an example of subjugation.

Subjugation of self, complete and utter - a reward held by all the Ancients and which can be yours by right if you work for it. But in spirit and at Home everything must be worked for, nothing is given lightly.


Lady Paddina Cole (1915-2003)