seat by the pond

Supplication by an Ancient

Master of all things and yet beloved Father, I stand here upon your Earth and I am shamed by my inability to do your work as I know you would have it done.

I do not tell you that those, with whom I try to be as one, are frail. Please accept, Lord, I only say that I am frail and because I am frail I ask that you give to me endurance and strength, to take from me the weakness of the Earth. My Father, you know what this is, the weakness of the Earth that I am hurt by words of those around me. That I allow the words of those around me to penetrate my being, and in doing so I show to you, My Lord, above all people my great weakness.

How is it that imbued with the understanding of your great wisdom I should be wounded? Declare unto me, My Lord, that I am flawed and this is acceptable to your servant, yet put me not from you for this would indeed be death. Perhaps in some way, My Lord, your servant has failed you, and for this they ask only that you continue to put upon them your plemora and abide within their being. Lord, give me the wisdom to show thy children that the only way to live in age and ageing upon this your Earth is to be as a child. A child who sees no wrong; a child who sees beauty without mar; a child who sees truth without malice; a child who sees joy unrestrained.

Teach thy people, Oh Lord, to be as a child. Yes, Lord, to be as a child and if in asking you would flay upon my very being, My Lord, this is acceptable. The wounds that the Earth may give me cause me but little harm. The only wound I would not have is the wound from you. Yet, help me to endure that this may not come to pass and help me too, My Lord, to be as a child; to be as a child unsullied, unafraid in truth.