part of The Crystal

The Law

It is the Law as laid down by the Great Mind.

It is simple. It is truthful. It is clean. It is dignified. It holds within it concern. It holds within it understanding. It holds within it peace which, when it comes within, leads on so that you may stand to receive tranquility. It is all of these things.

It is no Man standing higher than another. It is no Man standing lower than another; and you may think that that is a contradiction, but it isn't, you must think about it.

It is looking with an open countenance into the countenance of another Man. It is remembering always that truth is the daughter of time and if you give falsehood time will reveal that you have done so. You cannot hide it; you can hide it for a time, but time will reveal it. And so then everyone will see it and they will know and you will stand a little less in their sight because you did not have the spiritual strength to have the courage to give the truth.