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Thoughts from Spirit

To have total realisation of Spirit and completeness of thy spirit awakening, one must have complete faith which is reached through total acceptance; to accept those things laid upon us, whether they be gifts or crosses, supreme and comforted in the belief that whatsoever is given, though some may consider them things of ill, are the things which thy Father considers it necessary for us to have.

If one cannot speak, one has a hand with which to strive. If one has no earth eyes it is not important, for it means that the eyes of the soul are completely unfettered.

The ways of the Lord are wondrous indeed for He giveth and He taketh away in correct detail, having regard to our requirement of things earthly and spiritually.

Yea though I walk in the midst of earth's darkness I will not condemn my Lord, for the eyes of my soul have opened to the wonders of Spirit and the glory and light which assail me are greater than I can comprehend and make me greater, for they make me smaller within my own mind.

Who am I that for the loss of my earthly sight the Lord should have seen fit to reward me in such magnificence. Verily I say unto you, seek not to live by things earthly or temporal but by the simple things which are the ways of the Lord.

I am never cast down but you raise me up;

I am never without words but you give me speech;

I am never without sight but you give me light to see.

Paddina Cole (1915-2003)