Erasmus looking over rhodedendrons in the garden

Thoughts of Erasmus

Tides ebb, tides flow,
Things come, things go.
Colours come ablaze,
Sun shines through a haze.
Trees their leaves do sprout
'til Winter sees them out.
Grass is cool and green,
Grass is ever clean.
Skies are blue or grey
According to thy day.
Cats cry, dogs bark,
A wondrous sound hath the lark.
The sheep are with the lambs,
The babies in their prams.
Young men to full growth come,
For young girls life hath begun.
And above all these things,
Are gently folded wings.
These things and many more
Exceed a million score.
These things would take too long
To encompass in a song.
But will you muse on these
Your Master so to please.
Ye all are bound in one,
The Father and the Son.
Our faith in thee is great,
Nor doth our love abate.
Ye are chosen, it is right,
For God and Kingdom let us fight.
Fight in the light of love and trust,
Let all men know thy cause is just.