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The Beauty and the Light of Truth

Truth no longer seems to have any value in the minds of Man. This is sad and cannot continue as the Earth cannot survive in falsehood, nothing can. It is simple, that in time may the truth be known so that falsehood, which is shameful and ugly, is not strong and cannot maintain its existence. Truth is the daughter of time.

Why does Man lie? It is simply that in a moment of weakness he does not find the strength within him to give truth and he allows himself to be debased by his falsehood, losing his dignity and, above all, his trust to others. Find the strength within you to give truth at all times, no matter the circumstances, and show your courage and dignity which is pure and beautiful and resonates with the sound of purity, that which exists for eternity, the beauty and the light of truth.

FALSEHOOD & TRUTH from Erasmus

If one gives truth one gives truth. If you are told a falsehood and you give that to another, you are not being untruthful in not correcting the falsehood because you did not know it was a falsehood.

You may have spread an untruth unwittingly.

If Man creates a falsehood, if it comes back to him after a long time it will be exactly as he said it, nothing added and nothing taken away, but very often when Man gives truth - when it comes back after a long time he does not recognise it because Man distorts truth, but never falsehood.

Falsehood is where Man stands and gives false words that are totally untrue.

Truth from the Book of the Law

Whilst Man cannot see falsehood, it is because he is afraid of truth;

Where Man cannot accept truth, it is because he is afraid of falsehood;

Wherein we get the balance; and Man must learn to stand and take and give to bring the two to meaning and reason;

In all Men there is falsehood and in all Men there is truth and in all Men is there courage;

So they must have the courage to take and accept truth and they must then give away falsehood so bringing everything into order because it is The Law.