Erasmus of Rotterdam

Our Spiritual Teachers

Paddina Cole (1915-2003)

At Home Paddina is known as the Lord Satiti, a very ancient spirit whose beginnings go back beyond time.
Paddina gave many lectures in London, Northampton, Basildon, and Suffolk over the years teaching about spirit and our lives on Earth. Seminars included information about previous civilisations and our beginnings on this planet as well as the meaning of truth and our spiritual existence away from this Earth. Paddina's biography
Spiritual teachings from Paddina

Gordon Cole (1913-2005)

Known at Home as the Lord Gustora, another ancient spirit who came from the Fragments, a very long time ago before this planet was known. Gordon's biography

Desiderius Erasmus

Erasmus, his spiritual name being Ruscora, was Paddina's main tutorial guide who was charged with the responsibilities of teaching the students, who were fortunate enough to be present when Paddina was alive. Erasmus's biography
Teachings from the spirit of Erasmus

Lord Ult

Lord Ult is a very ancient spirit who had evolved long before this Earth came into being and has never had a life on this planet. He was one of those spirits who originally came from the Fragments, from Ulta, a very, very long time ago. He has given many lectures and "What I wish for you".


A very ancient spirit who teaches the young spirits at home, and has done so since the beginning of time. Some of Almaysha's teachings.

Lord Laeleka

A very ancient spirit who teaches tranquility to the ancients. When he is present the peace can be readily felt.


An ancient who has great knowledge of how those in evil work and is therefore well armed to combat the forces of darkness.

Master Scarlaman

A messenger who often works close to the Earth where he scans and takes back information to be stored.


In his last life on Earth Satitus was the one we know as Jeshua, or Jesus of Nazareth, the greatest healer this world has ever known. He continues with this work at Home in spirit, channeling healing through some of those who have the gift of healing on the Earth.