view down the walkway of the pergola

Lord Ult's Prayer

Perhaps we should try and put our lights forth and perhaps whatever our beliefs and whatever our reasons for these beliefs, and whether we consider that we are goodly upon the Earth or not, if we have a like Mind then let us open it, open it up. Perhaps then we should make the plea that our thoughts go forth; indeed, address ourselves to the Great Mind and say:

O Salamad, thou art father to us all and mother and we who are your children, we may not be involved in the storms that are to come, touched by them it is true, hurt in different ways by them it is true, but we would ask that if it is within your wisdom and your strength and if it be by thy desire that these things should not come then let them pass from us, but if it is that for the saving of this your world which you gave us as a place of peace and beauty and which man has defamed and which man has pillaged and raped the very soil, then if this must come, give us the strength and the courage to stand to it four square, to accept it, to work through it and then when we look upon what is left, when we look upon the ravages that there must surely be, then let us say " I adjure that I will bend my back and my mind that this shall not come to this Earth again. I will declare within the Law that I will stand and say "I work for the Great Mind, not within a religion, not within a commune but as an individual, free speaking and free roving, I will bend my back to work to cleanse the land and in the cleansing of the land we believe it will cleanse the minds of Man." Then surely the harvest shall be great and it may be offered unto the Great Mind from these, the peoples of the Earth, a harvest that perhaps through pain and sorrow and even tragedy they have reaped.