Virginia creeper in autumn

What shall I wish for you?

I wish for you laughter and joy within your life; I wish also for you to have a few tears of life so that you may make better use of the laughter and the joy.

I wish for you to even perceive the face of hate so that you may understand more deeply concern and caring.

I wish for you a little pain so that when others have deeper pain you may help them and lay your hand to theirs.

I wish for you always to give truth within your life so that always you may receive it back. I wish for you never to give falsehood for this is like a spider's web that cloys and in which we are lost.

I wish for you the understanding of your mind so that this in its turn will make stronger and more useful your brain.

I wish for you not love, for within love there is so much that is negative: Love which can embody hatred, bitterness, waywardness, misunderstanding and hurt; but I wish for you most sincerely that in all your life there will be those who have concern for you and for whom you have concern.

And I wish for you too that you will even once be touched by spirit, for even if it be a touch as a butterfly's wing, it will always be with you, it will never leave you and it will show you the way to your God, the Great Mind, who is there.

Let us not then call on the God when we are in trouble, let us also call on him when we are in joy so that we have the full understanding and reason that the God is not a thing apart but the God be a part of us.

Goodnight, and when you go, walk with your God, it is the best way to be.

Quelkrira Dioathra

Lord Ult.