Words from spirit on the Coronavirus – 30th March 2020

The following is a transcription of a talk at The Erasmus Foundation through our spiritual guide and tutor, Paddina. Those present asked questions and the answers are included in the text.

I wanted to get together this evening, as we have always done, to keep the tradition going. But, more importantly, I thought we could use this time together, in a way, as an excuse to talk about ... not that we need an excuse ... but to talk about the present situation, how you feel about it, what you think about it, how you see other people's responses, not only in your country but elsewhere. So I think there is plenty to discuss and consider. But, first I would like to express our thoughts from my land, and then we can talk about the difficulties and the situation in your land afterwards. But, if I may, I would like to give you our view of the situation worldwide, is that agreeable? (Yes, indeed.)

So, first I would repeat what I have said before that from our view in Spirit this has exposed a strong element of fear throughout your world and we would consider this unrealistic and, to a degree, unnecessary. And really, this in a sense has become a fantasy, and we were talking of fantasies earlier. Now, I also expressed a view from Spirit that people within the Earth should adopt more acceptance, particularly at this time in a situation such as this. The numbers of deaths, those returning Home back to my land in Spirit, are relatively very small compared to other diseases and illnesses of a similar nature inspired by virus infection.

Now, that is not to say numbers might increase, who knows? One waits to see. But having said this, however, numbers may succumb to this illness and return Home. It must be at a future time that the world will appreciate that this is simply the means of returning Home, as it is meant to be. And there should be more acceptance of this, and less fear; as in times past, in other civilisations, other places and times, even within your own civilisation, the 5th, there have been those, and there still are, small societies who have this acceptance, more so in the past at times. So this must return and it will.

Now, further to this I wanted to say of course you would understand and know for sure that all of this has been tapestried by the Great Mind that this should happen. It was also known that the response of mankind would form a degree of panic and fear. And further to come is more chaos, anarchy, disruption, and rebellion as some people in some of the bigger cities become desperate, angry, selfish, greedy, and resentful to others for what they may have and this might sponsor irresponsibility, irresponsible behaviour, criminal behaviour, and things of this nature, for a time. And, consequently, people will be fleeing the cities to escape from this and also seeking resources they need: food, and things of this nature; and also safety, peace and quiet, and some rational answer to all this.

So, be prepared that this is just the start of a time which you have been warned of, but you do need to be well prepared. The question of security is also another issue which needs to be considered and prepared for.

Now, on another level with all this I would also like to express something more positive. Some people's responses to the situation have been very, very good and spiritually uplifting; thinking of others, wanting to support others, wanting to share with others, and this is good, very good. Another positive outcome of this time, as everything is shutting down people have time and the wherewithal to find meaning and purpose in gardening for their needs, enjoying the countryside and the peace and quiet where they can. Also, discussing perhaps why all of this is happening. People are giving themselves time to reflect and to think about the purpose of all this, why this has come about. And, very importantly, the lack of activity, the lack of pollution caused through traffic, of cars and planes, and ships and all these things, is reduced, vastly, thereby allowing nature to restore what has been destroyed and polluted up until this time. And the consequence of this, further positivity, is that people will be able to make a very obvious comparison between what has been and what now replaces it, and recognise immediately the benefits of allowing nature to rule, of giving space and respect to the Natural Law, to allow the Natural Law to progress the world back to what it should be. All of this will be seen quite immediately for a comparison to be seen and understood.

So that is just one small way that this time is allowing Man the time and the direction of thought to where it should be within people's focus of attention. So this is prompting a lot of very good things to happen. It is also reminding Man that he is vulnerable, that he doesn't rule as he would like to wish he does, that nature does have the final answer to all things. And Man is learning to respect life and what controls life; not the politicians and the rulers of countries as some would have it. There is also a silence, a degree of peace, not in all places, no, but overall there is peace and quietude, and perhaps some people are wakening up to the sound of silence and the values it contains, and the peace which accords this time. So much is being gained. It will also give a chance for some creatures in the seas, in the air, across your fields, in other countries to resume the numbers of their species as it once was and it will be and should be. That is not to say also that some creatures are facing extinction, and one will see how this goes forward. So the question sitting on top of your heads, the main question you are asking is how long is this to be. Am I correct?

Q. Well, I don't suppose that is for us to know?

A. No, not entirely. But I can say you have been told to prepare your stock of food for approximately a year, so this should give you some indication of how things will unfold. You have also been given projections of time in your future which should also give you an indication of other circumstances, other events, and how things will unfold. You have been told about a financial collapse, you have been told that there will be less food available, and in some places there will be famine and disease. Because there will be further pollution in some places which will add and overburden your world leading to more disease and more difficulties to come. As it has been explained to you, the causes of this disease, which has always been here as a virus, has been brought into activity by the misappropriation of Man's farming methods and animal management which has caused pollution and a very, very unhealthy situation which, in turn, has prompted this disease to develop and grow as it is doing so. And this is not just the fault of China, one country, it is international, and many other countries have been responsible for the development of this disease at this time; all happening across your world at the same time.

It is meant, it is Man's responsibility for causing this to be, but at the same time it was known this would happen. All part of the Overall Tapestry of your world; and perhaps it is difficult for some people to accept, but it has benefits for your world. And for your world to survive, to survive, this and other events which are to occur will enable your world to then go on into the sixth and seventh civilisations, which would be impossible if Man was to be encouraged to continue in the way he has done up until this time. The Earth cannot survive, there has to be change to enable it to manage some form of self cure, rehabilitation. It is required.

Q. It is like humankind was travelling a hundred miles an hour towards a cliff edge and this has come along and stopped the hamster wheel dead in its tracks and halted everything, and given a space for people to think and look at where they are, who they are, what they are, what is going on, the world.

A. Yes

Q. And given an opportunity for people to actually think about, as you say quite rightly, what life was like quite literally two months' ago and to see how it is at the moment, in as much as they are now in a space where they have time to think about other things rather than just chasing the next wage packet and paying the bills.

A. It will be a time of levelling for all, a time for considering the true, more important values of life and its purpose. It is shock awakening for your world and perhaps, as you say, the lemmings racing towards the cliff edge are now stopping, and in a moment of shock and surprise wondering why they were doing it.

Q. I remember, was it yourself quite recently, you were talking about the financial crash and the time to come after, and how it would feel like a freedom to be without, or dependent on money, you know, working hard with every hour that's sent to earn money, to pay the bills, and that hamster wheel we are talking about, the harder you work the more money, the more bills to pay, and for what purpose?

A. It achieves nothing.

Q. It's not appreciating why we're here, or stopping and to smell the flowers.

A. No. Your home, your material goods, all of these things, should really, simply be there to provide you with the facility to live your life so that you may have the opportunity to fulfil your life as it should be and, above all, to learn, to enjoy learning, to enjoy life, all its meaning, all its content, as much as you possibly can, which is limited of course because you are human. But that facility, that opportunity should be there for all to enjoy, which cannot be so if people are totally burdened by focusing on attaining the bare necessities to enable them to survive. That is not how the world is meant to be, that is not how life is meant to be. So, as you quite correctly say, this poor creature running around this wheel, it is to stop, it has stopped and people are a little bewildered that 'Can it continue like this? Should it stop? What happens if the wheel cannot turn anymore?' And some people, as you quite rightly suggest, are to enjoy this break, this holiday, this escape from that fantasy, and to see the world in its reality for what it is, what it should be, how it is meant to be.

Q. From what I understand from what you've said this evening this virus – I know you have said it will mutate in time and it will get stronger and there will be more of it, but I had been wondering whether there would be like a lull with this one, not that we would have overcome it completely but maybe like a little pause and then it would take off again as it mutates, but it sounds to me like it's going to be an onward curve, getting stronger and increasing in quantity.

A. Well, yes, like all things in life, there are fluctuations, so consider this. Where some countries are saying that their numbers of infections are reducing, now this may be the result of two things: one, a fluctuation in the facts, the situation which may be so; it could also be that the ways of measuring this are incorrect and the numbers are not quite as they may seem. There is also a third element to all this; that some countries, some peoples, might find it politically advantageous to present, both to their own people and others abroad, how they are managing by their great prowess to contain this disease. Not so. Not so. One thing that Man has to realise completely yet, although some do, is that Man has no control over his future and the future of his planet where this disease is exposing his inadequacy. It is also demonstrating Man's arrogance in many, many ways, particularly that he thinks he has the ability to make all these laws and rules, restricting people's activities in the expectation that the disease will go away. But, strange as it may seem, it is by these laws and rules that have been introduced in all countries that is causing peace and quietude and lack of activity, enabling nature to return to the way it should be. So, in a way, this is actually sponsoring a very, very good outcome because also by this means the disease will dissipate eventually when your Earth becomes cleaner. It is the sickness, the pollution, the dirt, the destructive elements of industrial manufacturing and farming, which has initiated this problem to start with. Through the inactivity of your world, all of this is allowing nature to return the world to a cleaner state, as it should be.

Q. So as this virus develops, or mutates, gets stronger, perhaps more voices might start to obviously notice the change in nature and in ways connected to the Natural Law, so will they start asking the right questions and realising with more clarity what the root cause is and what we need to be doing? And not just trying to find a vaccine for something that keeps changing because our world is so polluted?

A. Well, again, Man in authority needs to demonstrate to the people who they are serving that all those working for the benefit of Mankind, particularly in the science laboratories, are working as hard as they can to provide the promise of a vaccine to cure this disease. If they do manage to find this then the disease would have moved on by mutation, causing more disease. But that is how perhaps those in authority are expected to fulfil their responsibilities in dealing with this pandemic across your world; but it has been said before, and I will say it again, that it is the meek who will inherit the Earth; a quote from your bible.

Q. It's so symbolic, if that's the right word, that that is what the powers that be are looking for is for the vaccine to cure at the end of the virus' root, if you like, instead of all the things we talk about, and all the issues that affect our world and Mankind instead of going back to the root and finding the common denominator, which is Spirit and the Natural Law.

A. Yes, which we all together understand here, but so often Man, again, in his arrogance, with this kind of blind arrogance, is more focused on who to blame for this. 'Why has this happened? Somebody must be responsible for making this happen. It's not our fault. Therefore, who is responsible, who has done this, who has started all this?' And also, of course, not seeing this as a method of cleansing your world and helping your world, it is seen as at least an embarrassment for those in authority that they are failing to check the problem; but also, nobody is really considering, as you understand here, how this has come about: 'What has caused all this? And where is all this leading to?' You will see, as you watch your news items on your televisions and hear people speak, the main topic of conversation is over the numbers infected, the numbers who are dying, the activities of people in authority, what they are doing, what rules and laws they are bringing in to help rid this disease, and who are perhaps notorious and famous who are also succumbing to this disease as well, because having wealth and notoriety is no form of immunity. So you have all these items in your news. No-one is thinking or expressing themselves more deeply about the cause of this, the outcome of this, the benefits of this, how people are changing, how people are responding; only in very negative ways about the excessive greed when people have taken too much from the supermarkets and shops and things of this nature. These are the items of news, and perhaps this is of interest to people, of course, but it is a poor reflection of the lack of thinking and concern about what lies behind all this, its purpose, its meaning, why it is here.

Q. I think, as you have touched upon, that the thought that somebody is going to die from this virus, and are dying from this virus, is the very pinnacle – obviously it is a very desperate situation for that person's family and close friends, but people aren't allowing themselves to think any further than people are dying through catching this virus and, as you quite rightly say, people are dying from all sorts of things and other viruses on a daily basis as well, and because they are so stifled by the thought, and the intensity of thought, around that fact that people are, as we say, returning Home from it, people aren't allowing themselves to think any further than that. And it's because of the lack of knowledge, what we have been given here about returning Home and Tapestries, and the like, that people are hamstrung just by that thought, and that's why it is wall to wall, 24 hours a day repetitious cycle of news about death, basically, because anything else it's almost like if you talk about any of those things you've just mentioned about the good that's coming out of it, or where it's come from, or what do we do after, you're almost disrespecting those people who've died.

A. Yes, but it can be expressed in a way and be put to people in a gracious manner, and in a way which could sponsor more thought and obviously argument, but at least it could be expressed and discussed, because all that has been projected on your screens as news at the moment is only prolonging and promoting more fear through its negativity.

Q. Indeed.

A. Which is no help.

Q. If they have the knowledge and understanding, which they will have one day in the near future, about our beliefs, about Spirit and, you know, the purpose of life and the fact that we, collectively, over a long period of time have caused this whole imbalance, then they could think clearly and rationally through all this, but if this virus is going to get ... well, it is going to get stronger and more people are going to go Home, I can't see anything but more fear building up with a lot of people. It's just going to get louder and more fearful.

A. Yes.

Q. Unless you get some strong voices speaking up about the positives that we have just been talking about as well. I mean, people will see them but will they allow them to take away some of their fear, because perhaps they will realise 'Hang on a minute, what have we been doing in our world, look at all this beautiful nature, and this better air quality, this cleaner water; but I don't know whether people will be able to get around all this fear and what we have just been talking about, the publicity of death.

A. Only by the demonstration of nature's resolve in cleansing, and by this people will see how life is returning to some sanity.

Q. They might start making the link because if everybody is asking 'Why is it happening?' and then they start seeing more examples of nature returning to the natural balance ...

A. Yes, more benefits happening, yes, indeed. And that will speak for itself.

Q. Because, as you say, the fear is so very deeply widespread and there was a newspaper article on the weekend and there was a couple of pages of red dots and what they represented, let's say the people of the Earth – I can't quite remember what it was – and then right at the very end of these thousands of red dots was one black dot and that was the ratio of people on the Earth who had actually caught the virus, and then there was a tiny, little fraction within that black dot that was blocked off of people who had actually died of the virus.

A. Indeed.

Q. So the article was trying to put it in perspective that a few people had actually died to try and create a balance back the other way, to say actually in reality, worldwide, it's only a very small number of people who have actually died here. So I thought it was a good exercise, because if you allow yourself to be consumed by the 24 hours a day news cycle, you would think that half the planet's dead.

Q. But also, we've got these other events, some of which we've been told about, to come. I mean, we're expecting more flooding in this country, other things will happen in other countries, so there are going to be other things to concern people. And again, perhaps, for some people it will enable them to think a little bit more and ask some deeper questions, and for others, perhaps, they just won't survive because of the fear; and obviously when they are meant to go Home, they will go Home, but it will be a testing time for those who can maybe actually lift up away from all this news and this fear and actually think a bit more clearly, and use their minds. Because this is what you say, Paddina, everyone is going to need their mind in order to survive and get through this, aren't they?

A. Yes. But that is more something of the future, how the mind is to develop, indeed. That will come.

Q. It will be later?

A. That is a stage further on.

Q. On this night, tonight, Walpurgis, how do you think those who follow the path of evil are looking at the situation?

A. Fearfully.

Q. Because do you think that they might think it will trigger a rise in people's consciousness?

A. The greatest currency, and the greatest tool, let us say, for their use and manipulation across the world, is materialism and wealth. Now, without that there is no longer any control.

Q. That is interesting.

A. And losing control is their greatest fear. And in desperation they will exert more pressure, more threats, more power across your world to maintain control as best they can. But the grip will be lost.

Q. So I wonder how the wars that are raging in the world, Syria and the likes of that are going to be affected?

A. Without materialism there is no longer any purpose. That is the cause, that is the root of these wars; over land, property and wealth, countries and peoples grabbing as much as they possibly can from their neighbour, exercising power and control through violence and fear.

Q. So you think that has shaken ...

A. That has already made some impression upon those who are fighting. It has also made the impression on those in power that their control and their grasp of control have been weakened because something else has taken away their toys and their means of control. So there is fear there as well, that the worst thing that can possibly happen to those who seek power and control is that they are ignored.

Q. Yes.

Q. I remember many years ago in the Barbican, Paddina, you or Erasmus was talking about the 'little people'.

A. Yes.

Q. Just ordinary people who will rise up and, in a way, take control of their own lives.

A. Yes, and very simply just the way of life, life itself, the ongoing events which are occurring now, will also demonstrate that those who dictate and control with power, no longer can do so because the Natural Law will prevail. And that is another demonstration to people how frail and how delicate and how fragile evil can be.

Q. Power needs to be fed, evil needs to be fed.

A. Yes.

Q. Am I right in saying it hasn't got its own strength by right as such?

A. It has no content other than that which is fed to it.

Q. Well, it's fed by Mankind's weakness so if we start to get stronger through a little bit of different thinking and questioning, and realising what's been happening and the way to be in the future, then they won't be fed by that weakness any more. People will get stronger in time.

A. But people are in positions of power because they have been supported and placed there. Without the support of others they no longer have anything, and this, again, will be a demonstration to your world that people who lead will lead by what they have within them, content, which is of benefit to all, and thereby then people will listen to what others have to offer. That is how a leader leads, not by demand.

Q. So, are you saying that we are not going back to life as we knew it three months ago?

A. No. You would not be. How can it be? You see, what has been taken away cannot be replaced.

Q. I understand people will be different, having gone through the experience, but I'm just wondering about people returning to work at some point when self isolation stops?

A. People must work, yes, that is the natural way of life, that people will work. But perhaps they will work for different purpose, and perhaps for other means. Yes, to a degree, some people are still working, it is true, as best they can in the circumstances, and maintaining some income as they need, and this carries on for a while. But, you see, this cannot continue forever, it cannot be maintained continuously. There will come a point where there will be less need, there will be less demand, and there will be more demand for more correct product. There will come a point where one of the greatest points of demand will be for more spiritual values and understanding.

Q. Yes, I understand that as much as I can, because having been tutored for so many years. As a human being I am obviously trying to imagine the footsteps towards that world and people wanting electricity and having to pay the electricity bill, having food, the transition from today to that world where people are asking for more spiritual values, the world that we all look forward to, the transition between the two. That maybe something for me to think about.

A. Yes. You see, at the moment you have quite a dramatic vacuum in most people's lives.

Q. Because of this coronavirus?

A. Yes. And, of course, some are busy maintaining the work they need to do, particularly in the health service and things of this nature. But for the majority of people in your world this is a shock and it is causing a vacuum in their lives where suddenly the focus of attention of all those things that were considered important, essential in people's lives, no longer have any meaning.

Q. Yes, and people will be, as you say, looking for something of the value that Spirit have to offer.

A. Yes, some rationality.

Q. God sanity, as you say, Paddina.

A. Indeed.

Q. It's incredible how the pieces have fallen into place. Not a surprise to you, Paddina, no doubt.

A. Well ...

Q. Not a surprise to me, I'm thinking about how quickly things have come together.

A. Yes, I can appreciate that, yes indeed. But it also shows the wisdom of the Great Mind, beyond all of our understanding.

Q. Yes, indeed.

Q. Yes, I often get down to the words 'Well, the Great Mind's in charge, the Great Mind has a plan.' We are a little piece and at the end of the day I have that belief, and others as well have that belief, and that's a great comfort.

A. And Man's plan is coming to an end. So what is going to replace it?

Q. I do believe he's thought of everything, Paddina, the Great Mind!

A. I'm sure he has!

Q. Can I just ask you about security? Is there anything in the immediacy that we should be doing here at the moment?

A. Just to be aware and maintaining a vigil, and be alert. That is all. You may have heard, and know, that circumstances like this breed those who see opportunities to lie and cheat and find ways and means to take from you, others, who are weaker and more vulnerable. So, in these circumstances it is always, again a lesson, to maintain a level of intuitive questioning and be not naive and, really, vulnerable.

Q. Yes, thank you.

A. Now I think I have said all I wish to say. Would you ask anything more?

Q. Well, probably we have been given enough. As I said, as a human being, and you're thinking about preparing the best way you can for what's going to come, you think about the timeline of all this. I live more than a walk away and, you know, are we talking about there's still going to be fuel for cars and vans and things like that?

A. Well, we'll have to see how things progress.

Q. Yes. If things can change this quickly in this space of time ...

A. They can.

Q. Exactly, so how quickly could the collapse happen altogether? Could the bottom fall out of the oil market and then people stop producing oil, you know, in a couple of days ...

A. Just before the world runs out of oil.

A. May I say at this point, the greatest strength, the greatest resource that you have is within you.

Q. Your mind.

A.. Hold onto that.

Q. Absolutely, your 100% right, Paddina. And that's obviously for everybody, of course. As they say, 'Man proposes, God disposes'. We're running around trying to make our little plans, but that is the most important thing, what you've just said there.

A. Yes, and you are of the Earth, and you will have to survive within the Earth in the face of difficulties, of course, but holding on to that belief will carry you through.

Q. Absolutely, thank you.

Q. Thank you.

A. Thank you for allowing me to speak with you this evening. And now, perhaps, your animals are wondering where you are.

Q. They might be, yes!