The Erasmus Foundation Healing Clinic

The Healing Clinic

The Erasmus Foundation operates a Spiritual Healing Clinic at our headquarters in Suffolk in the UK, offering free spiritual healing.

Spiritual Healing

Gordon Cole (1913-2005) Spiritual healing is a gift given by the Great Mind to be treasured while using your spiritual gift of healing to help others and animals that are suffering, mentally or physically. In the Erasmus Foundation we believe that to develop any gift you have to first of all develop yourself and be comfortable with yourself. Spiritual growth is the process of growth and development in stages. It does not all happen at once. Natural Healing As a healer you are a channel for the cosmic healing energy that is projected through you to the patient by spirit.
It may be that a number of different spirits will channel the healing through on different occassions. Using the colour spectrum for healing given to us by spirit, the healer will bring a certain colour or colours into their mind that relates to the problem and will place their hands either on the part of the body requiring healing, a few inches away from the body, or on the top of the head. The healing will go where it is required and takes a few minutes.

In the Erasmus Foundation we never say that “we will heal you” because it is up to the Great Mind if this will be so; however, we will endeavour to help and sometimes the results have been very rewarding for all concerned. At the end of the day our teachings give us a certain acceptance, whilst working hard to overcome any illness or difficulty we might encounter along the way. A person does not, however, have to believe anything in particular to either receive healing or for it to be effective. Healing is a comfort, even if the problem is on-going, and sometimes counselling, alongside healing, can be helpful.

Depending on what is wrong, it may be that only one visit to a healer is sufficient — for example someone might have a very bad headache. Other problems, for example, might require a number of visits.

Healing is complementary, not alternative, and we always try and work with the medical profession and encourage a patient to let their doctor know that they have received healing. The more that we can bring healing into the minds of doctors and other medical professionals the better, as we feel that we have something to offer that could alleviate the problems and suffering of all concerned.

Free Healing

We do not charge for healing; we believe that as it is a gift freely given, we should not make a charge. However, as a registered charity, any donations are always appreciated.

Spiritual Advisor

Although we are happy to give spiritual advice and pass on the things we are taught spirit do not tell people what to do and nor do our healers. We can only offer advice when it is asked for.

Distance Healing.

We also offer Absent or Distance Healing for those who are not able to travel to our healing clinic.
We believe that thought is the strongest force in the Universe and so we have a book where names are written, along with the town and village where a person lives, and the problem that requires healing.

If you require absent healing please contact us.

Do you have any of these problems?

Contact Ronny Dowek or Julia Griffin on 01986 798682

Should anyone be in need of Help, Comfort or Advice, the Erasmus Foundation may be contacted during office hours (09.00-17.30) or in an emergency at any time.


Mental Health.

“We have a simple approach to life in spirit and we have something we always want to say to those living on the Earth. What Man needs for future times and for now, and it is essential, it should be taught in schools and it is simply this; that people should, or I would rather say, must get to know themselves, utterly, completely. Now, if the World was simply to adopt that activity, that attitude of mind, it would vastly reduce mental illness. I am not saying it would get rid of all the problems, no, but it would reduce the numbers greatly, and that is not entirely the only thing but spiritual understanding of oneself and a lot more that your World needs to be taught would go a long way to reduce the numbers of these conditions. That I can assure you and it will come to be.”
Lord Satiti

Please see our Code of Practice

The Healing Clinic The Healing Clinic Ronny healing Ronny healing healing for Jennifer Spiritual healing

Official Opening of the healing Clinic The new Healing Clinic was officially opened publicly on 17th May 2014 by Dr. Dan Poulter, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Health and MP for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich.

Saturday healing notice


“Thank you for my healing on my leg. It is much improved. The doctor was amazed yesterday.”
Mrs. Turner, Bungay, Suffolk

“I would like to take to opportunity to say how much I have benefited from healing at the Erasmus Centre over the past few years. I have suffered a series of health problems,some serious, for which healing has been given and I sincerely beleive that healing has played a big part in my recovery. In each instance medical treatment has been given but here is no doubt in my mind that the healing from the Erasmus Centre contributed in a big way.”
Mr. Turner, Bungay, Suffolk

“Thank you for all the healing thought which were so helpful and comforting. I do appreciate it more than I can say.”
Joan Mason, Lowestoft, Suffolk