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Spirituality and Healing

The Erasmus Foundation is a spiritual teaching and healing centre. We are not a church, religion or sect, and neither do we belong to a spiritualist church. We are a group of like minded people, who through the guidance and teaching of spirit, try to live our lives according to the Natural Law. We share a belief in the existence of God - or, as we refer to him, the Great Mind - and Spirit, the two constants in the Universe. The Great Mind has created everything that is living, and Spirit is the core of our being that has eternal life.

We also believe in getting to know ourselves in complete truth. Through the practice of meditation and self-analysis we come to a better understanding of our own selves and other people, eventually leading to becoming a better balanced person. Our beliefs are not based on any religion, they are a way of life following the Natural Law. A Spirit will take many lives on Earth to gain spiritual progression and because of this, the concept of reincarnation is central to what we believe. We have therefore learnt not to fear death and see it as a doorway to return "Home" where Spirit live and work. The Earth is like a university and gives Spirit the opportunity to learn many lessons and grow in spiritual stature.

Aims and beliefs

Our aims and beliefs are very simple and given to us as a guidance by spirit, to be shared amongst all peoples for the benefit of all.

Spiritual Teaching.

All of our spiritual teaching has been given through Paddina Cole by spirit and through seminars she gave in her own right.

The Peace Gardens

The gardens within the the walls of the Foundation are extremely beautiful and tranquil. The peace felt here is especially attractive to all forms of wildlife which dwell in abundance.
The Herb Garden is in the process of being built and visitors are always welcome to benefit from the peace and tranquility of its surroundings.

Animal Sanctuary

The beautiful gardens and peaceful settings encourage the abundance of wildlife to be found within the centre. The birds are constantly well provided for and as a result visitors are rewarded with the constant presence of a wide variety of different and rare species. Our animal sanctuary

Spiritual Growth.

We always offer free healing and try to help others where we can. The knowledge and understanding that we are given by spirit helps us to lead a better and happier life by understanding ourselves. We have been taught "where we come from", "why we are here", "where we go after this life", about other civilisations and the purpose of life and many other subjects. All those questions man has asked for centuries have been explained to us over many years and many lectures by our tutorial guides.

News Items

The Foundation issues 4 newsletters a year, and we try to keep you updated with important and relevant information. Further information

Further information

If you would like to make a request for healing or order any publications please contact us.

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