Words from spirit on the Coronavirus – 20th December 2020

I thought, and really agreed with you, it would be a good time to meet and give an update response to what has been given out this afternoon by your Prime Minister on television, and really to give some additional meaning to the situation as it is evolving. And, may I say straight away, this is still early days. It may not seem so to others in your World but this is so. What has been said on your television also really confirms what we have been saying, that the condition of this virus, like all viruses, is that they are structured, they are programmed to mutate, to develop and create new viruses; and in doing so this particular one is to grow in strength and this is what you were told. And it has to develop further yet in greater strength over the next three years when it will peak and cause devastation across your World.

Now, above all, it is important to say, and for people to realise, that no-one on Earth, no humanoid at all, can be blamed in any way for this to occur. It is simply Man's behaviour which has culminated in more recent times, evolved through bad practise, which has already been explained to you on the processing of meat and foods, and unwholesome, unhealthy practises in this industry which, together with other forms of pollutants, has created this situation. Therefore Man, as a whole, every single individual on your planet, is responsible; not individuals, not those in authority as Ministers, or whoever, are to be blamed. And, furthermore, it is within the structure, it is within the Tapestry, the overall tapestry of your Earth, the Collective Tapestry, that these viruses will mutate and create other strains; and this is going on throughout your World in many countries, not just simply an isolated incident as it is seen at the moment. This has been a response to the development of the virus starting to explode a little in the south east of your country, but it is happening elsewhere as well in other countries. It is simply that people are becoming quite rapidly aware of its presence and therefore are focusing their attention and pointing the finger at a particular place, not realising that in other countries similar places and small explosions of this virus are taking place. It is simply how it is being seen, observed, by the declaration and express media giving notice of these things.

There is more to come and it will be seen to be a mass exodus from the cities, particularly in London, your capital, which will start in small numbers but will gain in greater numbers as the virus takes hold more and more. Nothing can prevent this, Man must attempt to do what he can through vaccination, people should maintain good health by eating a good, healthy diet, that is Man's greatest way of defending himself against the disease. But, even so, as it is tapestried, some will succumb to the effects of this disease. That is to be, that cannot be prevented, that is all part of the overall tapestry, the Collective Tapestry of your World.

It has also been stated how there is much fear within your World and this is going to develop and grow and cause more unrest, aggression, violence. And we in Spirit can only offer Man some acceptance, some knowledge of why this is happening. Above all, Mankind must learn acceptance; acceptance of the Great Mind and his will. And Mankind cannot continue in his arrogance to demand and expect that Man's laws will prevail and put a stop to all this. It cannot be. What is happening is simply process of the Natural Law, it simply is. Man has brought this upon himself, and Man has to put it right. Man has to change his attitude, his behaviour, his focus and attention on the real cause of this problem before it will go away.