Words from spirit on the Coronavirus – 8th January 2021

Now, for those of you who can cast your memory back to some times, some years ago, and those of you, a few, who were here or in the Foundation in the eighties when Erasmus spoke of this time and he did explain how there would be a virus which he said would be a combination of viruses such as Sars and HIV and he said one other which would devastate your Earth. He did not say what this was, and of course, he was talking about the coronavirus which is a combination, more it is a mutation from other viruses that have grown in strength, moved across your World and have mutated many, many times. And this has grown. It was here but its behaviour, let us say, its design, has been influenced by the activity of other viruses within your World.

Some of this is not fully understood by Man of the Earth. He is not fully aware of how viruses and other microscopic organisms communicate with each other, but they do, and they have influence on each other as well. Their form of communication by chemical and it is through this means, like all living things, that there is a communication, even with your trees, and of course, your animals, and other plants and forms of Nature. They all commune in one way or another, not perhaps in ways you fully understand, but none-the-less it is not necessarily essential that you do know and understand these things. Know that it is so. The Great Mind has made this so, and therefore let us talk a little more about this virus.

It was told to you that it would have a very big impact upon your World. Up to perhaps two thirds of your population across your World will be returning Home, and this will occur over a seven year period. It is also being understood more and more, not completely understood, but it is beginning to be widely recognised that not knowing how but some people have an immunity to this disease.

Now, we would say to you that, of course, this is their tapestry. This is how those ones are structured, in the same way others are structured to be infected and become ill and return Home to spirit, according to their tapestry. But it is beginning to be realised that there is something in some people which prevents them catching the disease, or if catching it then recovering and not dying of this. So, it is really Mankind's appreciation in a very limited way to the fact that there is something pre-ordained, destined and structured about people's lives. And I just felt I wanted to mention this, really as an indication, a small proof in a way of what we have been teaching you for so long.

It is to be getting stronger and this has been becoming apparent to your scientists and medical experts who work in this field are recognising how this virus is becoming stronger all the time and how its effect will have a lasting impact upon people and indeed your World.

I also just wanted to mention because this subject has arisen yet again in your press how China has been accused of being the founder for this epidemic and that is not true, in any wise! This disease was here amongst all nations all over your Earth. It had spread. It had come into being not just in one place but in many and it is spreading and mutating as it was tapestried, yes, that as a result of Man's mistreatment of his World the natural consequence of this would be that this disease would surface, grow stronger and have such an effect upon your World in time. So, China is not to blame. It is Mankind generally who must bear the responsibility for what has happened and is continuing to occur.