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Friday Evening Spiritual Development Classes

Our Friday spiritual tutorial lectures start promptly at 7.30pm as Zoom meetings and usually finish at 9.00pm. All are welcome and if you would like more information please contact us. There are always opportunities to ask questions with advice from our spiritual tutors. The cost per person is £5

In view of the present situation we are holding our spiritual development classes on a Friday evening as a Zoom conference.

Meeting dates for 2022.

25th November:Spiritual Development Class“A Shoe Lace” how if it is not tied correctly and in place as it should be it could trip you up.

2nd December:Spiritual Development Class“A Birthday” A time of renaissance.

9th December:Spiritual Development Class“The Christmas of Tomorrow” the Winter's Day of Light, 25th December.

Meeting dates for 2023.

6th January:Spiritual Development Class“Protuberance” how do those in evil infiltrate?

13th January:Spiritual Development Class“Neighbourly” how we must learn to share in our future world.

20th January:Spiritual Development Class“On-going Concerns” difficulties Man is facing.

27th January:Spiritual Development Class“A Cricket Stump” how those who are in power can be so easily bailed out.

3rd February:Spiritual Development Class“Market Trends” fluctuations in international trade.

10th February:Spiritual Development Class“Sheep Shearing” how it is necessary to harvest the value of the wool by shearing back to the skin.

17th February:Spiritual Development Class“Mine Clearance” how one should clean and remove the booby traps that are infecting our minds within the Earth.

24th February:Spiritual Development Class“Adjacent Crops” it may require that people learn to adopt new crops to be grown wherever possible.

3rd March:Spiritual Development Class“Bee Colonies” the importance of understanding how bees function and how they should be encouraged to work with Man.

10th March:Spiritual Development Class“The Joy of Life” how one must be positive at all times.

17th March:Spiritual Development Class“Mars and Jupiter” Mars the God of War and Jupiter the God of All.

24th March:Spiritual Development Class“Remaining Alert” coming to recognise the influence of those walking the dark path.

31st March:Spiritual Development Class“Ancient Burial Sites” the beliefs of people in the past and how it may be re-considered for the future.


14th April:Spiritual Development Class“A Jerkin;” to consider traditional clothing and its purpose, and fashions for the future.

21st April:Spiritual Development Class“100 Days” a period of time for measuring the growth and development of crops.

28th April:Spiritual Development Class“Gathering Foodstuffs” how to share foods.

5th May:Spiritual Development Class“Summer Festivities” what might replace holidays for the future?

12th May:Spiritual Development Class“Ships on the Horizon” international trade, commerce and sharing.

19th May:Spiritual Development Class“A Man of Our Time” looking at the political state of your country.

26th May:Spiritual Development Class“Journeys Abroad” how the Foundation is to connect overseas.

2nd June:Spiritual Development Class“The Archery Target” how one must aim accurately to achieve results – a marketing exercise.

9th June:Spiritual Development Class“Clandestine Reading” the way the military is developing, the use of spying using the mind, remote viewing.

16th June:Spiritual Development Class“Stone Washing” to discuss cleaning your planet, personal hygiene and appearance.

23rd June:Spiritual Development Class“Cold Shoulders” how are we to be with those who might resent or disbelieve?

30th June:Spiritual Development Class“Having Concern” how the Great Mind sees his children and what are our responsibilities in return.