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Friday Evening Spiritual Development Classes

Our Friday spiritual tutorial lectures start promptly at 7.30pm as Zoom meetings and usually finish at 9.00pm. All are welcome and if you would like more information please contact us. There are always opportunities to ask questions with advice from our spiritual tutors. The cost per person is £5

In view of the present situation and on advice from the government we are holding our spiritual development classes on a Friday evening as a Zoom conference.

Meeting dates for 2022.

7th January:Spiritual Development Class“The Coming Year” what is predicted, and preparation for an exciting and developing year.

14th January:Spiritual Development Class“Intangible Goals” considering what is happening, and going with the flow and not fighting it.

21st January:Spiritual Development Class“Presentable Word” graciousness.

28th January:Spiritual Development Class“Anxious Times” what is fear?

4th February:Spiritual Development Class“Coming Out Of The Mist Into The Clarity Of Light.”

11th February:Spiritual Development Class“A Time Going Forward” preparing for the future.

18th February:Spiritual Development Class“Anxiety For The Now” to discuss the ghost of fear, and acceptance.

25th February:Spiritual Development Class“Living With Life” managing the Tapestry and coping with life.

4th March:Spiritual Development Class“The Underground Stream” this is the flow of evil that is undermining the World's foundation. Hades exists.

11th March:Spiritual Development Class“Robbing The Poor To Pay The Rich” politics of now and the future.

18th March:Spiritual Development Class“A Mardi Gras” the blindness of reverie in facing the tsunami

25th March:Spiritual Development Class“Damocles Sword” the ever present threat to the World

1st April:Spiritual Development Class“Margins Of Error” can Man accept his mistakes and can he recognise them?

8th April:Spiritual Development Class“Easter Bonnet” to consider the reality of the time.

15th April. Please note there is no meeting tonight because of Easter weekend.

22nd April:Spiritual Development Class“Alicante Tomatoes” sowing seeds for the due season.

29th April:Spiritual Development Class“Reckless Behaviour” the politics at this time.

6th May:Spiritual Development Class“A Jaundiced View” let us consider the reality of the positive outcome.

13th May:Spiritual Development Class“Making Our Way Forward” preparing for the future of the Foundation.

20th May:Spiritual Development Class“Polarisation” concentrating on our responsibilities.

27th May:Spiritual Development Class“A Storm In A Teacup” contained events rather than total destruction.

3rd June:Spiritual Development Class“New Energies” new technology to help the World for the future.

10th June:Spiritual Development Class“Blind Awareness” faith without logic and reason.

17th June:Spiritual Development Class“Radicalisation” a revolution is needed.

24th June:Spiritual Development Class“Drawn Apart” the World divided or learning to share? United we stand.