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Friday Evening Spiritual Development Classes

Our Friday spiritual tutorial lectures start promptly at 7.30pm as Zoom meetings and usually finish at 9.00pm. All are welcome and if you would like more information please contact us. There are always opportunities to ask questions with advice from our spiritual tutors. The cost per person is £5

Meeting dates for 2023.

2nd June:Spiritual Development Class“The Archery Target” how one must aim accurately to achieve results – a marketing exercise.

9th June:Spiritual Development Class“Clandestine Reading” the way the military is developing, the use of spying using the mind, remote viewing.

16th June:Spiritual Development Class“Stone Washing” to discuss cleaning your planet, personal hygiene and appearance.

23rd June:Spiritual Development Class“Cold Shoulders” how are we to be with those who might resent or disbelieve?

30th June:Spiritual Development Class“Having Concern” how the Great Mind sees his children and what are our responsibilities in return.