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Friday Evening Spiritual Development Classes

Our Friday spiritual tutorial lectures start promptly at 7.30pm as Zoom meetings and usually finish at 9.00pm. All are welcome and if you would like more information please contact us. There are always opportunities to ask questions with advice from our spiritual tutors. The cost per person is £5

In view of the present situation and on advice from the government we are holding our spiritual development classes on a Friday evening as a Zoom conference.

Meeting dates for 2021.

22nd January:Spiritual Development Class“A Code of Conspiracy” Spies, intrigue and agents of devious means.

29th January:Spiritual Development Class“A Reveller's Tale” "Do what thy will but pay for it, saith the Lord".

5th February:Spiritual Development Class“The Marvels of Nature” A little investigation into what Nature offers.

12th February:Spiritual Development Class“The Forthcoming Year” A discussion on the effects of Coronavirus and its development.

19th February:Spiritual Development Class“Relations and the Unrelated” How people are put together for good purpose and meaning.

26th February:Spiritual Development Class“Socrates Wishes to Speak” A man of wisdom whose words still have meaning today.

5th March:Spiritual Development Class“A Man for All seasons” How Man should apply himself facing the storm or enjoying the sun.

12th March:Spiritual Development Class“A Journey's End” How the life ends, its meaning and purpose, as individual as individuals.

19th March:Spiritual Development Class“The Sacred Heart” An appreciation of the very core of one's being.

26th March:Spiritual Development Class“The Joy of Sound” How important is sound and its misuse.

please note there are no meetings during Easter 2nd April

9th April:Spiritual Development Class“Peace Be With You” Where to find peace within yourself.

16th April:Spiritual Development Class“An Inoculation From Evil” How to recognise evil and become forearmed.

23rd April:Spiritual Development Class“The Bee's Knees” What one accumulates along life's journey.

30th April:Spiritual Development Class“the meaning of Belthane” A Satanic festival which is still practised by many.

7th May:Spiritual Development Class“Rising Order” Man's responsibility to reverse the trend of evil.

14th May:Spiritual Development Class“Sweet Corn” Sweet talk to exploit people for devious ends.

21st May:Spiritual Development Class“A Chapter in Reverse” Looking back at the history of the World and how it compares to this time.

28th May:Spiritual Development Class“Black Friday” About materialism.

4th June:Spiritual Development Class“Resident Matters” Making one's home.

11th June:Spiritual Development Class“Calvary” A refuse site outside the city walls of Jerusalem where Jesua was crucified. "Rubbish is simply a resource that has not been made use of."

18th June:Spiritual Development Class“A Speckled Hen” An investigation into makeup and how women present themsleves.

25th June:Spiritual Development Class“Shapes and Sizes” The laws of mathematics within the Science of Spirit.

2nd July:Spiritual Development Class“Organs of Justice” Punishment and how Man punishes himself.

9th July:Spiritual Development Class“Man's Acceptance” Attitudes towards the developing pandemic.

16th July:Spiritual Development Class“A Case in Point” Looking at examples of mistakes and learning from them.

23rd July:Spiritual Development Class“Coinage” The currency of give and take.

30th July:Spiritual Development Class“Submarine” What happens in the hidden depths