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Friday Evening Spiritual Development Classes

Our Friday spiritual tutorial lectures start promptly at 7.30pm as Zoom meetings and usually finish at 9.00pm. All are welcome and if you would like more information please contact us. There are always opportunities to ask questions with advice from our spiritual tutors. The cost per person is £5

Meeting dates for 2023.

22nd September:Spiritual Development Class“The Car” not just a useful tool but the epitome of Man's greed and ego.

29th September:Spiritual Development Class“A Jack Rabbit” highly industrious reproducer of its kind and nature keeps it in balance when Man does not interfere.

6th October:Spiritual Development Class“A Rock” what is hidden underneath? So much of life holds secrets. The enjoyment of life is to explore.

13th October:Spiritual Development Class“A Line of Silk” something so fine and yet immensely strong, with purpose and determination, resolving as part of a complete purpose.

20th October:Spiritual Development Class“The University of Life” and its academic learning. The curriculum is defined but there is still much to be discovered.

27th October:Spiritual Development Class“The Chess Board” how the pieces are arranged for good or bad outcome.

3rd November:Spiritual Development Class“The Importance of Speech” the importance of intonation, graciousness and, above all, truth.

10th November:Spiritual Development Class“A Bug in the Works” all of life has its trials and tribulations.

17th November:Spiritual Development Class“Forthcoming Events” both political and natural.

24th November:Spiritual Development Class“Pulling Your Shoulders Back” standing well within society, correctly, dignified or ambitious.

1st December:Spiritual Development Class“The Spider's Web” how one may be tempted to entrapment.

8th December:Spiritual Development Class“Jingle Bells” to celebrate and rejoice loudly the abolition of darkness.