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How Mental Health can be improved with the World

“We have a simple approach to life in spirit and we have something we always want to say to those living on the Earth. What Man needs for future times and for now, and it is essential, it should be taught in schools and it is simply this; that people should, or I would rather say, must get to know themselves, utterly, completely. Now, if the World was simply to adopt that activity, that attitude of mind, it would vastly reduce mental illness. I am not saying it would get rid of all the problems, no, but it would reduce the numbers greatly, and that is not entirely the only thing but spiritual understanding of oneself and a lot more that your World needs to be taught would go a long way to reduce the numbers of these conditions. That I can assure you and it will come to be.”
Lord Satiti

Eleven points to liking yourself

1. Search and find your positive qualities.
2. Learn tolerance of yourself and thereby find acceptance.
3. Appreciate your limitations. Nobody is perfect, except the Great Mind.
4. Understand which flaws and negative qualities you have, and which ones you are expected to overcome in this life.
5. Some others may like you. What qualities do they see in you? This might give you a clue to understanding yourself better.
6. Focus on other people. Spend less time thinking about yourself.
7. Take time.
8. If the Great Mind made you, cares for you and gives you value, then that should be enough.
9. Have no fear of rejection from others or standing alone.
10. I should not regret anything in the past if I learn by the mistakes made.
11. The spiritual part of oneself needs the physical garment and needs to learn to coexist happily with it.

Paddina Cole (1915-2003)


“Thank you for all the healing thought which were so helpful and comforting. I do appreciate it more than I can say.”
Joan Mason, Lowestoft, Suffolk

The Erasmus Foundation Exponent of Mental Disorders

The Erasmus Foundation Exponent of Mental Disorders

By defining the difference between the mind and the brain this book offers the reader a basic understanding of some mental conditions and recommends other ways these problems might be addressed.

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