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In search of Wisdom

Welcome to the Erasmus Spiritual Teaching and Healing Foundation, based in Laxfield in Suffolk, England. This fellowship was established by Lady Paddina and Gordon Cole in 1972, when spirit first started using Paddina as a channel to talk through and give lectures. In those early days Paddina's main spiritual tutorial guide was Ruscora, who during his life on Earth, was better known to us as the Dutch philosopher and humanist, Desiderius Erasmus. The lectures and discussions were given to answer many questions about "life after death, where we come from, why we are here and the purpose of life". Many of these talks, given by Erasmus and other spiritual tutors over the years, gave a great deal of knowledge about the structure of man, his history, his true inheritance and answered many of the questions of life.

Spiritual tutorial lectures and meetings are held every friday except during August. Please see our list of subjects and dates.

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Volunteers are always welcome on Saturdays to help in the gardens, served with a delicious lunch.

"The Owl and the Field Mouse"

The Owl and the Field Mouse

We are producing a new animated film, called "The Owl and the Field Mouse" teaching children the benefits of meditation (mindfulness). The project is sponsored by the Big Lottery Fund and the artwork is being provided by 4YP and The Suffolk Users Forum in Ipswich. We will also be including our own meditation class during the animation workshops.

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Fundraising Appeal for New Meeting Rooms

Our new Meeting Rooms We are planning the construction of new Meeting Rooms and would welcome any help with our fundraising.
Please see our PLANS.

New books to be published soon

Past Civilisations The Erasmus Foundation Guide to meditation
The Erasmus Foundation Exposure to Mental Disorders The Erasmus Foundation Cookery Extravaganza


The Homecoming

The Homecoming

The process of dying is frightening to many and not always understood. The Homecoming endeavours to explain a little to help us all understand why we are here and what happens after death.

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Teachings from the Ancients

New Horizons

Lectures by Erasmus and other spiritual tutors, provide a wealth of knowledge, giving us a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.

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Eyes of Karras and other Stories

Eyes of Karras and Other Stories

A collection of illustrated short moral stories for children but could also be of value to adults.

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Diet For Your Mind

Diet For Your Mind

A comprehensive read for anyone searching for a good mind, body and soul book

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