Lady Paddina Cole

The Erasmus Foundation Teaching and Healing Centre

We are not a church, religion or sect, and neither do we belong to a spiritualist church. We are a group of like minded people, who through the guidance and teaching of spirit, try to live our lives according to the Natural Law. We share a belief in the existence of God - or, as we refer to him, the Great Mind - and Spirit, the two constants in the Universe. The Great Mind has created everything that is living, and Spirit is the core of our being that has eternal life.

We also believe in getting to know ourselves in complete truth. Through the practice of meditation and self-analysis we come to a better understanding of our own selves and other people, eventually leading to becoming a better balanced person. Our beliefs are not based on any religion, they are a way of life following the Natural Law. A Spirit will take many lives on Earth to gain spiritual progression and because of this, the concept of reincarnation is central to what we believe. We have therefore learnt not to fear death and see it as a doorway to return "Home" where Spirit live and work. The Earth is like a university and gives Spirit the opportunity to learn many lessons and grow in spiritual stature.

Paddina and GordonThe Foundation was established by Lady Paddina and Gordon Cole in 1972, when spirit first started using Paddina as a channel to talk through and give lectures. In those early days Paddina's main spiritual tutorial guide was Ruscora, who during his life on Earth, was better known to us as the Dutch philosopher and humanist, Desiderius Erasmus. The lectures and discussions were given to answer many questions about "life after death, where we come from, why we are here and the purpose of life". Many of these talks, given by Erasmus and other spiritual tutors over the years, gave a great deal of knowledge about the structure of man, his history, his true inheritance and answered many of the questions of life.

It was in 1992 that the Foundation moved to Laxfield where work continues today with knowledge and wisdom given to us by our spiritual tutors. Since Paddina and Gordon have died the Foundation continues to be run with a committee of trustees, known as the Shenderin.