Caring For All Creatures at the Animal Sanctuary

Many of the animals within the Foundation are very well cared for and considered part of our extensive family, such as Xena and Fusha, our German Shepherd dogs. Simba, and Nano have been feral cats and are well settled with us now. The grounds are full of a wide variety of creatures, snakes, amphibia, water voles and a vast range of birds, and we have been adding some homeless hedgehogs in the past.

A Prayer for Animal Bereavement

Oh mighty Lord, Lord of all, we beseech you to give your attention to one who has to go Home at this time. He/she is one we have concern for and on the Earth he/she is known as (Name of Animal). He/she is at Home on the happy hunting grounds, where all creatures must share their joy and pleasure of being at Home, at peace and at one with all.

While he/she rests he/she may think of the happy times you shared together and this will remain a part of his/her spirit for all eternity, as the memory of him/her will be a part of yours. Let him/her go, for he/she is at Home and all that may remain is the memory. Go forth, work in your world until the time when you too must return to your eternal Home and share the joy and pleasure with all creatures and all your friends.

Sequat deo Laudum
It is the Law

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